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The scroll marked 3 is MY JAM!

I love everything about this months scroll because it is the most familiar & relatable scroll to my life, thus far.

This week began as most, but the power, positivity, strength & confidence within me has been building, growing stronger & bolder in its desires to meet the needs that I want instead of what the world wants of/from me. I headed into the week ready to learn grow & experience life as I listen more, think positive, not give my opinion & show love to all those I encounter.

Everything was going fine until I noticed some coworkers deciding to schedule things for me & not consider my requests & needs that I was asking to be met…within reason & benefit to everyone involved, I became savvy to what was going on by asking people I trusted, as to what company policies & procedures were & comparing them to what I was personally experiencing.

I was able to make a professional decision, for what was best for me & my family, reached out to one person who I had spoken to a couple of months ago & quit my current job in immediate transition into being hired at another within 3 days. BOOOOOOM!!! I blew my own mind, lol! I have never made a decision like that & that quickly in my entire life! I knew what I deserved, I knew that my requests were being ignored on purpose, I was confident in doing better for myself & I put my positive, DO IT NOW, into action.

I cannot express in words the true, raw feeling of power & confidence in my actions & decisions this week. I was on top of the world & the greatest part…..ZERO guilt, regret or fear……ZERO. I found my worth in my repetition of all of that has been asked of me throughout my MKE experience. I also experienced no anger or negative thoughts.

It was like I was David against Goliath. I told myself as I read my man in the mirror…..I could get used to living this way… my reflection answered….so why haven’t you? I had many thoughts & started thinking back, but I just replied, I don’t know exactly why, but it doesn’t matter right now because I am choosing to not live that way any longer, starting this week.

I will persist until I succeed…..I will win!!!! (& I did!)

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  • Jake is the same name as the hero in “Miss Annabelle’s Story” by Mark Hamilton. It sounds as if you’re following in his footsteps! 🙂

  • That’s awesome Jake! Way to go with applying the MKE principles, and advancing your in your life! Boom!

  • Congratulations on your new job Jake!! Positive changes of your choosing because you are engaging in the mental exercises. Way to “Do It Now!” and decide what you want in your Life. And like you said “Boom!!”

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