MKE Week 10 – Mental Diet and Scroll 3

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Another week and the mental diet is still ongoing. I go a few days and then slip up. I am a couple of days into the challenge. Saturday night at work, I know, will be challenging. With that knowledge, I will arrive at work with a higher awareness level than last week. Hopefully, I will leave work on day four instead of day one again.

Scroll three started on December first. Unfortunately, I did everything but persisted on Thursday. I’m not sure what caused my poor attitude, but I lacked motivation. I was not sick and had a good night’s sleep. When I finally did get up, I read the new scroll, and the next MKE activity was our tribe Zoom call. I finished the day with a second reading of the scroll. I must admit it was a pretty poor showing of persistence for this scroll. I did not let it bother me. I bounced back on Friday and completed everything. I just found it odd to start a new scroll with an attitude that was the complete opposite of the message in the scroll. One day is okay; I know I will persist for the rest of the month.

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  • Good for you John, you are persisting. Remember the bulls who are tested by being poked and prodded, yet continuing on. You are continuing on!

  • Thanks for being so honest John.
    Sometimes that resistance may be asking us to look deeper at something in that moment? What do you think?
    I know your persistence is there for the rest of your life 😇

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