MKE Week 10 – I Am a Resilient Encourager

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I want to first thank Lori and Lucinda for their insightful training this week, ” Finding Your Purpose”. I am still defining my DMP and wondering which smart goals to focus on first, and this training helped me set my compass to one direction, aka Big Dream, and focus on that while saying a temporary “adieu” to my other wants and dreams.

This was such a relief for me, since I was trying to focus on ALL the shapes, and all the smart goals at the same time. I felt more like my hair diffuser than a magnifying glass. As a predominant red, I am head strong and don’t give up easily and always want to feel like I am making progress. As a secondary blue, I also love to give and help others. So now I have my purpose statement: “I am a resilient encourager” and I am heading towards my true north.

Meet Stefanie Hoffa

Stefanie is from SE Pennsylvania, a mother of three girls in college, who has a passion for helping women overcome their past and BECOME the women they were meant to be. She has a passion for health and wellness and loves spending time outdoors on the motorcycle with her fiance, Jake. Although a predominant Red who loves progress, Stefanie thinks of herself more as a "Purple" as she is almost as equally a Blue who values deep relationships with a splash of Yellow who loves to have fun, especially dancing!

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  • I love that, Donna! We cannot have too much gratitude and help for others in this world!

  • Diane, thank you so much! I appreciate you and all that you brought to our workshop! Yes, lets ride! I’m only an hour away from the Poconos!

  • So nice, a resilient encourager! I am still working on my sentence; on the call I got, “I am a grateful helper.”

  • Stefanie – love that you consider yourself a purple! Shows how creative you can be. As you shared on the Purpose workshop, your aspirations are exciting! A resilient encourager is so appropriate! Let’s ride our Spyders through the Poconos soon!
    Hugs in health, Diane

  • A resilient encourager to me, Steffanie, is someone who can adapt to any situation to provide whatever encouragement seems appropriate. There is deep gratitude for the joy you spread by just your presence. Now that’s a baseline worth sharing as you bring your special knowledge to each table. Several bloggers this week have spoken of this. As have you! 🙂

  • Fabulous blog Stefanie! Thank you for how you show up and share in your blog posts and in out master mind group. Thank you xxxx

  • Excellent blog post, Stefanie, Resilient Encourager! I agree, that is a great exercise to help you focus your strengths toward your goals. Great job!

  • Amen Stefanie!
    Great blog about how we never reach the end of the journey….we just change & keep growing as our focus changes & makes us better & stronger people day by day. I have always seen you as a resilient encourager to those around you & especially your girls. You have always uplifted anyone & everyone who has been a part of your life & it shows in how they feel & treat others after spending time around you. You are such a blessing to so many people & especially to me…..thank you for always seeking your True North as God leads you to His calling(s) for your life.

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