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MKE – Blog #10

Gratitude Reminder

Today, I randomly listened to a podcaster. I was expecting current events; I was unexpectedly touched.

This morning, his show started with him looking back at where his life was in 2020, no job, newly divorced, medically challenged. His life was at a low point. He shared how things have changed so quickly for him in two short years. From a place of gratitude, he and his wife have decided to give away 25K to 50 recipients all getting $500 for Christmas. His goal was to help people who are struggling have a little bit of Christmas cheer this year.

3000 people responded with their stories. He said it took him all day to read each entry. His voice trembled as he shared.

The rest of the show was hearing each of the heart-wrenching stories of those he decided to honor with the $500 gift. Just listening to the different scenarios people are going through brought tears to my eyes.

Two of the stories were people submitting for someone they knew. The first was a woman in her 60s who has walked alongside a single mom of 2 girls. She shared how this mom works 2 and 3 jobs to keep food on the table and a roof over them. Her daughters take it upon themselves to cut and stack wood so they can heat their home with the wood stove.

The second story I want to mention was a retired gentleman who has a delivery route 6 days a week to supplement his SS income. He said there is a family on his route that lives in a trailer in the woods. The wife works, the husband is sick and can’t work and they use an outdoor wood stove to heat their trailer. He went on in more detail but you get the picture.

Reality check! These 50 stories are all real people. I needed to be reminded of how blessed my life really is. Even with rising gas prices, people’s anxiety, and the volatile political landscape; I can look deep into my heart and know it is FILLED to the brim with GRATITUDE and JOY for what I do have. Perspective is everything! I was grateful for the morning reminder and the chance to watch a fellow human paying it forward this Christmas. That is MKE principles in action!

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  • Thanks for sharing this Terri! I am overwhelmed with the feeling of a similar circumstance for me this season. Gratitude really is everything. <3

  • wow that’s a powerful story Terri – thank you for sharing it via your blog – as you point out, perspective is everything & there are reminders everywhere 🙂

  • In a land where abundance and joy are available to everyone, it’s good to know we can be one of those, Terri, because we’ve seen it, we like it, we want it. We don’t allow misfortune to drag us down, but lift us up. It’s a joy that is made contagious by radiating through your eyes. Mark calls it sunshine. I call it happiness. Gratitude is so important when your this kind of happy. It’s easy. It soon becomes spontaneous when it’s impossible to hold in what you feel deep in your heart. I feel you, Terri! 🙂

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