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One of my SMART goals in my Definite Major Purpose will be accomplished next week, 3 weeks earlier than my set deadline date. It also directly related to one of my PPNs- Spiritual Growth. Yes, I am celebrating early!

This goal is to awaken my Kundalini and it rises up from the base of the spine through the Chakras. It will allow me to reach a state of bliss, physical well-being, and resounding love.

The best way for me to take you through my journey and for you to better understand what Kundalini Awakening is, I have used edited portions of an article from “Kundalini Awakening 101- All You need to Know.”

Kundalini Awakening is nowadays quite a popular topic. It is said that when you are ready for the spiritual journey this awakening will happen. This is a signal from your destiny. The kundalini is awakened mainly through three phases and in the end, you realize your soul purpose and become who you are meant to be!

What is Kundalini Awakening?
Kundalini Awakening is said to occur when there are sudden changes in your body, mind, and spirit leading to your gradual transformation.

Kundalini Awakening is a state you attain when you start changing from within. Your perception changes so do your feelings. The way you interpret the world changes radically. As a matter of fact, the way you see things also changes. You become aware of your inner essence and get connected to a higher purpose.

It’s that you understand things and your inner guidance system starts to work efficiently. A sort of enlightenment comes that awakens the dormant energy that was already within you. You become more aware, clear and focused in life.

Kundalini Energy – What Is It?
Kundalini energy is the dormant life energy at the base of our spine coiled in the form of a snake.

According to the Hindu scriptures, our life force in the form of dormant energy is coiled at the base of our spine like a sleeping snake. This is the infinite energy confined within ourselves that holds in itself the possibility to become our fullest expression.
The coiled-up energy when unleashed rises up to unite with the higher consciousness. Kundalini energy must be awakened to proceed in the spiritual journey. It helps us to reach our truest, greatest potential.

Kundalini Syndrome Explained When you experience the symptoms of awakening you are said to experience the kundalini syndrome! You get to feel the ascent of the life force energy or the kundalini within your body. Specific yoga practices and kundalini meditation helps to raise this energy. Spiritual practices, the practice of hatha yoga will assist in the awakening process.

But there are also cases where the person has an awakened kundalini without being aware of it. Traumas, near-death experiences, and other life-shattering situations can cause kundalini experiences.

As a result of this syndrome, the individual develops the sixth sense and other rare characteristics. The Kundalini syndrome is also referred to as the psycho-spiritual awakening in a person.

Kundalini Awakening Stages From what has been gathered from ancient Hindu scriptures, Kundalini awakening has three phases.

1. The First Phase
It is the phase when an individual goes through extreme suffering because the Soul prepares itself for a spiritual journey.
It is the phase in which the body and mind go through a decluttering process. Physical ailments, emotional upheavals, traumas, and repetitive bad experiences occur.
In this phase, an individual goes through a lot of physical and mental pain. Symptoms include depression, anxiety, frustration, helplessness, muscle twitching, and even near-death experiences. It is said that in this stage, the traumas and hurts of our past lives and even those of our ancestors would start to heal.

The individual will have a major shift in their physical, mental and spiritual processes. Through extreme pain, energy healing will take place.

2. The Second Phase
In this phase the person will seek deeper answers of life.
It is a less-discussed phase as it involves higher spiritual experiences which only a few people go through. In this phase, the Kundalini Shakti starts moving beyond physical and psychological experiences. Some of the blocked energies that couldn’t get released in the first phase will start getting clear in this phase.
In this phase, an individual will start questioning his beliefs that were conditioned by his parents and society. They start debating on the patterned beliefs and behaviors.

He or she will want to know who they are really because they know that they are more than their identity or even physical appearance. In this phase, an individual will also feel constant energy flowing on the top of the head. Here the fear of death is gradually lost and an inclination to connect with the divine flow is established.

3. The Third Phase
It is the phase where the individual will change his character totally. Instead of doubting, he will trust the divine source and allow things to happen in his life.

It is the phase when we let go of expectations and allow things to happen. Instead of trying to control things we allow the Universe or the Divine energy to take care of us.

We stop judging others. The constant mental chatter is gone and we are unperturbed by the chatter of this world. We learn to stay happy and content with what we have. Constant comparisons complain, criticisms are eliminated from our character.

We are no longer affected by other people’s words however hurtful. It becomes a mission for us to stay connected to our inner essence and open the channels to allow the Source energy to continuously flow through the central channel. We are aware that we are a part of the divine flow. In this phase, your life becomes simple as you
understand the truth of our existence.

Yes, there is work to be done and knowledge to be gained but you start doing it from a different perspective. Your Soul is awake now because you can perceive that there is more beyond the pain, crisis, and struggles of life.

Kundalini Awakening Benefits Only a hand few people initiate the process of unleashing the kundalini energy. It is difficult and most people are not even aware of how it has to be done in the right manner. Sometimes life experiences that shake us can also lead to Kundalini awakening. In whatever way if the dormant kundalini energy is awakened, you will reap several amazing benefits.

Here are 10 benefits of Kundalini awakening. 1. Spiritual awakening As your kundalini is awakened you start to become more aware of your existence. It literally feels like you were asleep and have suddenly been awakened. You identify your reason of existence and feel strongly connected to the Source energy. Simply put, you are now spiritually awakened.

2. Cleansing and purification of the 7 chakras As the kundalini energy rises from the base of the spine to the crown chakra It cleanses all the seven chakras in the process. So, cleansing and purification of all seven chakras will occur.

3. Karmic debt is cleared According to the Hindu spiritual concept, souls move from one body to another in different births. Although it takes a new form it carries the impressions or “samskaras” of previous births. Your soul has accumulated several such deep impressions based on its past life experiences. Your deeds and thoughts get impressed in your soul. When kundalini is awakened, your soul gets cleansed of all such past impressions or karmas.

4. Peace of mind attained Kundalini awakening helps to balance the five elements of nature. Air, water, fire, wind and ether are the five natural elements in your body that start to harmonize. As a result, you feel more peaceful than ever.

5. Memory & intelligence improved Kundalini awakening results in an increased blood flow in your brain. This leads to improved memory and intelligence.

6. Compassion & kindness towards living beings You start noticing changes in your behavior. Kundalini awakening changes your perception. You become more kind and compassionate towards others.

7. Psychic powers developed Often it has been seen that kundalini awakening leads to developing some psychic powers such as clairvoyance etc.

8. General health & sex life improves Kundalini awakening can repair your cellular damage and heal your body organs. Lung capacity is also improved. Your general health improves and this can improve your sexual appetite.

9. Aging process is slowed down It is said that your aging process reverses after experiencing kundalini awakening.

10. You become a powerful magnet A great benefit of Kundalini awakening is that it makes you a powerful magnet for all good people and stuff. You start attracting opportunities and people in your life that help you to live a purposeful life. It is easier for you to attract the right job or the perfect partner now. You become a high vibe person who is always radiating good energy.

What happens after kundalini awakening When your kundalini energy is unleashed through yoga or meditative practice, it travels up the spinal cord through a passage called “Sushumna“. Through gradual step by step process, it leads to spiritual liberation or attainment of nirvana.

When a yogi reaches this stage, his soul is awakened completely. It is at this stage he is said to reach enlightenment. At this stage his negative karma of past lives will be destroyed and he will become wise and pure in the truest sense. It is said that the soul will now break the cycle of birth and death. Now he will not have to be reborn.

I am truly blessed.

Thank you for allowing me to take you through my journey.

Until next week…

Meet Leonard Diana

Leonard is from Hartford, CT, a Reiki Master Teacher/Holistic Practitioner, helping people feel and get better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  His second passion is dance and officiating at ballroom dance competitions.  As a Heart-Centered Yellow/Blue, he loves spending time with family, friends, and colleagues, and  is enjoying the Master Keys Experience.

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  • Your blog has triggered my memory of an important occurrence in my life, Leonard. I’ve experienced the kind of depression that steals all the joy in life (perhaps, every depression sucks the joy out of life. LOL) twice in my life. Both were long in duration. I told no one how I felt. The first happened in 7th or 8th grade. I’m not sure what started or ended it.

    The second started soon after my father died in 1991. For several months I was like mighty Casey, who struck out. I made the decision to visit the Asram where Siddha Meditation is practiced; hoping it was a night when Guramya Chidvilaseanda (sp) might be speaking. Mutananda (sp) the person responsible for being the first to bring Kundaline release to the US is her immediate predecessor.

    Anyway, I was disappointed to find all the men were on one side of a large auditorium, the women on the other. It was chanting night. Haven’t experienced anything like it ever again. In the front of the room a large screen displayed words written in the Indian dialect. First all the women recited what they saw on the screen, followed by the men. This occurred non-stop for around an hour. Afterwords, I recall getting into my car and noticing how beautiful the moon appeared to be. I was amazed, The depression that relentlessly haunted my existence was gone without a trace.

    Today I wonder whether this fabulous remedy for depression is already known, and I was just a lucky beneficiary. I took no medication.

    I must agree with FB, Leonard. This is a great blog!:-)

  • Wow I don’t have the words to describe how great this blog is to read! My little white curled-up sweet strong Kundalini is been a challenge to awaken so I’m very grateful for this post! Mahalo Leonard

  • Hi Len, Thank you for explaining Kundalini energy. Very interesting and useful for us to grow to our full potential. Antiaging and peace of mind are wonderful benefits.

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