MKE Week 10 – Don’t Give up

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“I will persist until I succeed.”- OG Mandino.

These words in “The Scroll Marked III” hit me like thunder and vibrated my soul. I feel like a new person reading each word out loud in this chapter. I also felt appreciation, gratitude, hope, and determination all at once.

I can proudly look at how far I have come since starting MKE and know that I am meant to be where I am right now. Everything- whether it be lack of or not has led me to this moment. It doesn’t matter if I missed chapter readings or missed my morning sits-what matters is that I keep trying and I don’t give up until I get it!

Someone wrote their blog on the power of “Ask”, which reminded me of my request for a Mastermind Partner on Marco Polo. I have not been a huge fan of Marco Polo, but in order to get more you have to give more. Thus, I have committed to using it more often and put out a request that I was looking for a partner to Mastermind within MKE. I feel blessed to have my husband, and it would be even more meaningful if I could partner with someone in the course.

I am now connected to three different people just for putting it out in the universe, aka a request in Marco Polo. How cool is that?! Just being in connection with them makes me want to make sure I do my readings and affirmations so I can remind them to do it too! I just feel so blessed!

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  • That is so powerful, Hanalei! The power of asking, and the power of a mastermind. Now you can help each other. Well done!

  • Hey Hanalei–Thanks for sharing and my experience exactly. I was infused with pure resilience when reading scroll 3 and I am making steps to become more engaged across the MKE platform too. All we have to do is put it out there and it will return:)

  • Inspiring post Hanalei! Bravo for applyiing The Law of Giving and Receiving and Emerson’s “Give more, get more”. As we have learned in the MKE, “no one makes it without a mastermind”. Congrats for stepping into the unknown and receiving many blessings.

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