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As a yellow, my discomfort meter jumps when contemplating matters in definite terms. Written instructions are the bane of my existence, and Ikea is a store I couldn’t even imagine purchasing anything in. But Truth is Truth, and though it may be against the grain for me, order and specificity are good things. The intro for week 10’s reading, “ nothing happens without a definite cause, “ illuminates my dilemma with an exactness of monumental proportions, and thankfully so! “ Bedrock of facts regardless of consequences. “

Happily consoled by the first sentence on the next page, “ Abundance is a natural law of the universe, “ I regained my spirit to continue reading from a place of faith and not lack, knowing that all things are possible when Universal Abundance is available. “

The Bible says, “ Spirit searches into all things, even the deep things of God,” Haanel echoes this at 10.4. & 10.8. For me, Haanel, a man of modern times attesting to this, edifies my faith in Sacred writings from the ages. Bringing forward the Truth that all advancement is but the higher reaching down and vivifying the lower, explicitly stating, “ the universal mind reaches down into the human mind and it endows it with new, strange, wonderful, and even marvelous qualities.”

WHOA! My definite cause is to command my spirit/mind to seek & TRUST the higher spirit/mind with an attitude of meekness, gratitude, and wonder and reflect the results onto others. What shall be the effect? The possibilities are infinite but undoubtedly are wrapped in joy, delivered perfectly, and administered in a spirit of awe. So as I regulate and cultivate my thought according to the divine order, new objectives of consciousness will appear and ultimately express themselves physically. I acknowledge that this is not a status quo S.M.A.R.T. goal, but it is yellow heaven for me😊. My ideal state of being and at 10.15, Hannel says that is all that is required of me.

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  • Gregory, you throw such a wonder of perfectly organized and coordinated words with associated meanings, it’s easy to understand why Haanel states that language is man’s highest form of architecture. Blog on, Gregory, blog on! They are a joy to read! 🙂

  • Greg! After Shirley spoke about this post last night, I’m so grateful to have it pop up in my readings this morning. My yellow mastermind partner will also love to read this; your explanation of the dilemma you go through with ‘definiteness of purpose’ and then to know that abundance is always available, calms the soul.
    Thanks for your ability to analyze these readings, and your fun spirit in our gatherings! 💙

  • Super blog post Gregory, I love how you found a message to your yellow self in the Haanel material. Great perspective!

  • Thanks for sharing your YELLOW perspective, Greg. I really appreciate being able to see things through your eyes. I loved the playful smiley face and your comment “it is yellow heaven for me.” However, in regards to S.M.A.R.T. goals–I know they make things happen faster because Subby loves them…if you ever want faster. 🙂

  • I laud your yellowness, Gregory. Being a blue, hm, to be straightforward I think limiting myself to color codes like this is, well, limiting which is not my thing at all, however, I still love your post and I totally understand and relate. Thanks for inviting me to Your Yellow Heaven, I feel very comfortable here!

    And hey, I am Swedish, I can totally relate to your IKEA sentiment, but you know what, I actually bought a really nice oriental carpet at IKEA in Berkeley many years ago – not a single screw or instruction to use it. I also bought and built my own IKEA kitchen that I absolutely looove. Lol!!

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