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Substitute Challenging For Lousy, Imaginary Giant Battery, As Above So Below, I Think. So Friday Of Week 10 Was A Very Challenging 86,400 Seconds!! I Won’t Say It Was A Lousy Day, I’ll Flex The Law Of Substitution In Real Time, It Was A Challenging Day!!! Whew, That Almost Took 8 Seconds!! So As I Am Grateful For My Challenges  ( Because Through Them I Grow), Also I Am Grateful For My Challenging, Not Lousy Day!! Thanks To Goodness For The 7DMD And The Law Of Substitution!!

Sometimes, Often Times ( Currently) It Takes Longer Than The Prescribed 7 Seconds To Substitute A Negative Thought For A Positive One. However I Can Almost Always Pull Off A Mental Yell “Stop!!” Almost Instantly!! I Like To Compare It To Boxing, See All The Negative Thought Are Like My Opponents Attacks. The Mental “Stop” Yell Is Like Deflecting Or Evading Those Attacks. Switching Out Or Substituting A Negative Thought For A Positive Is Like Landing A Successful Counter Attack!! Oh Yeah!!! That’s The Game I Like To Play!!

Mind You This Is All After Coffee And I Have Achieved Some Momentum!! See One Of My More Heavier Challenges With The 7DMD Was Waking Up Somewhat If Not Very Inundated In Negative Thoughts, And Emotions. When My Awareness And Energy Is Low Is When They Strike The Hardest Or Are Already There En Mass Waiting To Jump Me!! Like Waking Up Angry, Already Pissed About Something Or Incredibly Annoyed At Something I Previously Let Linger That Needs To Be Addressed.( You Know Stuff That I Am Accountable For Which Is A Reflection Of My World Within Which Requires Me To Acknowledge And Flex Some Personal Responsibility, But That’s A Whole,
Other Blog).

This However Made Me Much More Aware Of The Negativity I Harbor As Well As My Genetic Predisposition To Challenging Not Lousy Thoughts, Feelings, And Situations. As A Result Of Attempting This Monumental Feat I Will Say That It Is Becoming Less And Less That I Find Myself Already Caught Up In/ Reacting To Mental Negativity. My Mornings Are Becoming More Smooth & Steady Also, As Opposed To Mental Turbulence!! Not Perfect, But Most Definitely Improving Incrementally!! So Is It If One Can Get Through The 7DMD, Then One Has Mastered The 7 Laws If The Mind?? 7 Laws Challenge Test, 7DMD, Ready, Set Go….. And Reset Day 1!!

So Reading Part 10, Question 7 , For Some Unexplainable Reason It Just Stood Out To Me. “Upon What Does Causation Depend?” “Upon Polarity, A Circuit Must Be Formed, The Universal Is The Positive Side Of The Battery Of Life, The Individual Is The Negative, The Thought Forms The Circuit.”

Instantly I Could See/Imagine This Massive, Transparent-ish, Battery!! The Top Being The Positive ( As Above), Our Vision, DMP Or Whatever Association You Have With Infinite Intelligence. The Bottom Being The Negative (So Below) Us, Our Brains, The World Without, Our Faith& Realities Yet To Be Manifested. Thought ( Right Thinking, 7DMD, DMP, MKE Exercises, Masterminding) Is The Energy Circuit Which Travels Between Us And Infinite Intelligence To Express And Manifest Our Idealized Versions Of Reality (DMP) Into Actually, Tangible, Physical Reality.

It Is law, All We Have To Do is Persistently Comply, And Not Block The Channels By Reacting To Challenging, Not Lousy Stuff!! So Basically Don’t Be In The Way Of Infinite Intelligence!! I Am Very Excited About The 7 Laws, They Give Me Hope And Multiply My Faith!! Combined With Persistence, My DMP’s A Done Deal!! Thanks For Reading, You’re Forkin’ Awesome And I Love You!!Peace!!

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