MKE Week 10 – Breaking Free

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Happy Thanksgiving!! This week might have been shorter, but wow, how insightful!

Listening to the video portion, definitely confirmed things I had already suspected! How our lives are created in our 1st 7 years.

In my life, because my Mom was home with me I had a strong sense of family. I did not want to leave her when it was time for Kindergarten and the other thing that happened to me about the age of 5 or 6, was this. I love to sing and was humming on the school bus, the kid in front of me told me to shut up, and I never sang again, but I have always felt the strong desire to sing! It took me 50 years to finally sing in public and I’ve only done that three times now, but keeping on with the practice!

If our subconscious is programmed from when we are little, and drives what we do today, then THE most important thing to do is to re-program our minds with constant repetition of the things we desire today. Not the negativity that was programmed into us when we were young.

It all makes sense that when I used to study for exams, I would look at all my notes right before I went to bed and I realized I was able to retain so much more! What we are doing here is all coming together, and is why we are asked to read our DMP’s before bed and first thing in the morning! This alone has been huge!!

As I’ve said before, MKE leaves no stone unturned!! Grateful to have found this experience!

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  • Wow Maria! Thank you so much for sharing this! This beginning years are so crucial. How deep the words of others affect us long term.

  • Developing our DMPs goes way beyond making goals and writing them down- the different elements complete the DMP that makes it clear of our direction.
    Sing. Sing a song. Sing out loud. Sing out strong. Sing of good things, not bad. Sing of happy, not sad…

  • It’s great when we see how programmed we are, and even greater when we can unprogramme that early programming and let our true self unfold and shine. Thank you for sharing Maria!

  • Great share! Congrats on being the objective observer of your experience as a kiddo and having the courage to reprogram your thinking going forward. Congrats on singing in public!! Enjoying your gift and sharing it with others. =)

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