MKE Week 10 – Are you carving a new path?

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I had the opportunity recently to listen to an extremely wealthy person speak. In addition to being an extremely wealthy person, he is a philanthropist. What struck me is what the person introducing him said. This person said that this philanthropist always ends his conversations and meetings asking the following question “Is there anything I/we can do today for you?” Those are such powerful words.

I wish I had the chance to speak with him in person, but everyone wanted to speak with him, so I was grateful to have been in his presence and what I learned. Had I spoken with him, and asked him, I suspected he would have told me that the books he read to become so successful would have been similar to what we are reading in this course and who knows perhaps even the ones we are currently reading.

So, this made me think as to what I can do for others. I have given money to many different charities over the years. Which charities I give to varies depending on what my focus or interests are in the moment. What this person said has really inspired me in what I can do today. In this case, I decided to move my DMP forward and give to an additional charity.

As I am carving a new path with what I am learning through the MK experience, this saying is also something that I will add to my repertoire. It was what this philanthropist said, the time he said and the way he said that really resonated in the moment. I’ve heard this saying before through this MKE course so this reinforced the “Is there anything I/we can do today for you?” message in a different way. Helping now only makes you feel good, but it also makes the other people feel good. And while doing something different you are carving a new way of thinking, living and being.

So how are you helping today?

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  • thanks for sharing those powerful words Suzette & jus tin case no-one has asked you – “Is there anything I/we can do today for you?”:)

  • Suzette, yes, I love that question, “Is there anything I can do today for you?”. It shows the willingness of the heart, very focused intention and living for here and now. Thank you for your share!

  • Where you are carving out that new path, Suzette, appears to be a rather slippery slope. Hopefully, your skis stay on. Either way, this post is dope! 🙂

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