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So this week comes at a pivotal moment in the life that’s coming to be so for myself and many others.

Over the years I’ve seen so many things from various gurus and most often ended up thinking they were talking at people and more concerned about their respective end financial benefits instead of the progress of those watching or attending. There was something different from day one with the MKE, something that anyone paying attention should’ve been able to see!

Maybe it helped that those that I have business in common with, all of them hold Mark J and Davene is such high regard! But I contend that it was more about Mark and Davene and their respective staff, as well as how I felt even before day 1 of the MKE!

Faith and trust are always key in any Undertaking and I certainly had the first immediately and the latter came before week 2. People with the true concern for others can’t help but get emotional and Mark really gets worked up and the tone and inflection in his voice is certainly apparent. As well as how he seems to have this huge burst of energy that I only see in people that have a passion for what they are doing and or what they’re talking or teaching others!

Anyway, I wanted to tell you all that before getting to this week’s actual blog post. To have that before reading the rest is vital in my opinion:

The most current happenings in my world have come ever present from that trust and faith that I’ve given to the MKE! I know today that it’s without doubt because of that! There’s no question in my mind about that! A little share before the full blog post:
This week we are sharing kindness with the world, this is a way of life for me, but it inspired me to go way beyond anything! And I am not and have not looked for anything in return for that because it’s never been about what being kind or giving does for me, it’s always been about what that does for those on the receiving end of it! All I’ve ever wanted for our universe is happiness and success for all that seek it. Love and happiness is a contagious thing really, very contagious!

The meat of this week’s post follows:
Before MKE started there was a plethora of events that seemed to be a dump truck load of crap that never stopped coming one after another and thus my mind continued to focus on that stuff! I didn’t know that all I was doing was telling the universe to send more my way. Isn’t that silly? But I had no clue that what we focus on becomes our reality and I kept it coming by inadvertent thought of the bad and negative!

Let’s travel backwards for a moment, backwards into last August and a bit before: there was a medical event that happened and created a need for someone to make a move that’s several hundred miles away to be closer to our parents. So with siblings present and what I’ll call ‘the vote’ I become the likely one to do that move. The only issue was the $70K plus in repairs that my property needed and the chronic pain issues that plagued my existence from a decade old spinal injury. And struggles came left and right, but I had no clue that I may have been inviting them!
The house eventually gets finished and sells several times, but I was so attached emotionally to it that those sales keep falling through from random things just showing up I couldn’t seem to get a break at that time….

But the MKE came into my life a few months later and began to open my eyes! We did silly little child type activities, but I took them All very seriously! After all, Mark and Davene are held in such high regard, that they must know things that I needed to and need to know! As my faith and trust continued to grow and those activities kept coming, I did my absolute best to stay the course and do as many of them as possible. And even though some of the old issues continued to show their ugly faces, the better days continued to multiply! The better days continued and continue to multiply!

Fast forward to the present and future:
The biggest events began about a week before Christmas and have continued to move forward at a pace that even I, the one experiencing them, can’t quite get a grasp on! But it was at that time that I really put a magnifying glass type of focus on things and followed my compass as the architect of my future me! And I used every single aspect of what the MKE had been teaching us, every aspect of it and with full trust and faith!
The biggest thing about the future me was the property transferring hands and my move actually being a real and happening thing! So since Christmas all of it has fell into place, ALL of it has! The offer, the contract and then everything that happens after you have an executed contract on a property.

In the past, this is when I’d become very concerned and worry about things that hadn’t even happened yet. But this time, this time, was much much different than the past me! This time I only focused on the future things, the house being closed and myself pulling my motorcycle out of the garage at the new property…. as well as picturing myself with my dogs on the back porch watching the stream that runs through that new property. It’s exactly what they’ve been teaching us to do in the MKE and it’s all happening now! And it’s happening with zero interference and zero of that not good stuff! I’m not saying it’s manifesting things, because this is way beyond that!

Imagine for a moment that we have the ability, by way of our own thoughts to be the cause and the creator of our future selves!!!! Imagine that because it’s real and I’ve now got undeniable proof of it!

Literally everything had and has fallen into place over the past few days, even to the point that we close on Both properties before the date that I’ve been thinking of and telling myself, ‘before this date I’ll be here in the new place!’

So this week’s blog post is simply to tell all of you that it’s possible to be the architect of your future, your future self can be exactly what you want your future self to be! And the MKE has given a new life to my me today, the tomorrow me, and beyond!
Thank you to the MKE and Mark and Davene, as well as a thank you to all those that I’ve been able to mastermind with us and to our guides! Without All of those that are a part of the MKE, without them the aforementioned things wouldn’t have happened so easy and so simply and so exact!

Maybe your time to become the architect of your future you is coming to be ever present? Maybe it’s time for you to become the one that controls your you?

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  • Drew, you are truly a nature’s greatest miracle how you have been such an encouragement and inspiration for many. Thank you for being you and showing how your persistent work is proving the power of MKE work!

  • so so much in your post Drew ! – it’s great to read about your property’s going through too – congratulations – enjoy the rest of kindness week 🙂

  • Congrats Mastermind Alliance Partner for all your blessings! You definitely inspire me to keep up with my own growth and individual work. Thank you for sharing.

  • Congratulations Andrew! I can feel your joy and gratitude and it lifts everyone around you. Thank you for making your dreams come true!

  • Congratulations on the property transactions and for following the MKE habits with full faith!

  • Bravo Drew!!! A key to remember is that you are doing the mental exercises to create your new reality, one of your choosing in harmony with your beliefs. You are applying the knowledge you are learning from the MKE principles. Way to go!!! Cheering you on!

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