MKE Week 16 – The Power of Focus

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Focus: “The Latin word focus meant “hearth, fireplace.” In the scientific Latin of the 17th century, the word is used to refer to the point at which rays of light refracted by a lens converge. Because rays of sunlight when directed by a magnifying glass can produce enough heat to ignite paper, a word meaning “fireplace” is quite appropriate as a metaphor to describe their convergence point. From this sense of focus have arisen extended senses such as “center of activity.”” (Merriam Webster)

I loved this word for this week’s reading of Master Key part 16. As I read it and sat with the message, I came to appreciate that focus is required in visualization. Imagination can be a runaway train, as can emotion. I appreciated that there is a harmony that must be established between thought and visualization and feeling.

Focus is to zero in, and to scope out. It is dual and requires concentration on details as well as the greater scope. The words, the perspective and the nurturing we bring to anything can be misleading without all things considered and yet, achievable when we quietest the mind so as to think more clearly.

Then there is the nurturing of these thoughts and visualizations which require attention. The voice of love, kindness, feeding and cultivating, watering and illuminating. All necessary.

So, with all these kaleidoscope-like thoughts, I am brought to the focus on kindness this week. We really lasered in on our focus on the concept and all that it means which required us to observe, yet attach feeling…to laser in and broaden out so that we noticed kindness in an expansive and yet personal way. I think of a telescope that zeros in and out.

The human condition is quite complex, and yet, simple at the same time. We are not mechanical machines and yet we utilize mechanics, we and not simply dreamers, and yet feeling and visualizing is vital.

I find myself feeling quite open during this week of Kindness. So grateful for this study and for what is being accomplished within me as a result. I am also grateful that this is a shared journey. Sharing makes all the difference.

Meet Laura Greco

I love being in nature, spending time with children, (my granddaughter), and family and friends. I love deep and meaningful conversations that up level life experience. I am the founder of Full Life Wellness LLC and The Resilient Mama Movement. As a mom of 4 (and more) I am keenly aware of the importance of the parenting experience. My passion is to inspire and empower moms, so that she can mentor her children and, the future of our planet, from her overflow in ‘response' to life and stand in here resilience.

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  • Beautiful reflection in this week of kindness, I love the way you combine everything learned in this process of self-discovery, congratulations Laura!

  • Hi Laura, I like the use of the telescope to adjust the focus in and out. It gives us a clear understanding of focus.

  • The power of Focus is truly amazing. Thanks for sharing your experience with Kindness week. Bravo!

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