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Had a solid week getting myself up to date with where I am in this whole Master Key Experience. I had fallen behind and it concerns me a little because as we progress you begin to understand the importance of staying on top of what is implemented every week.

Everything stacks on top of what you had previously done so it’s key to not fall behind. The obstacle in this situation lies in the fact that we don’t get time back, however for me, I’m looking at this as an opportunity to challenge myself to increase the time and frequency I’m putting into the exercises to accelerate seeing the benefits of what we do on a daily basis.

The good news is I was able to get caught up this week with everything I get to do to benefit from the exercises and ready to take this experience to the next level. I can’t wait!

One exercise that was particularly fun this week was that we were to look for random acts of kindness in our daily activities. We were also to be intentional on performing acts ourselves and to do a kind act for someone without them knowing who performed it for them.

The beauty in this is not only that you get to do nice things for others, but it opens you to become more aware and actually look for opportunities to help others. The other aspect of it is you begin to see and realize how much kindness is being performed every single day. The other benefit to that is how it makes you feel good to see others helping others on our daily journey.

As we progress through the weeks there will be other specific words that we are to look for in our daily activities and I’m looking forward to that.

The best benefit about this, in my opinion, is that it brings an awareness but also allows us to always remain in the present moment and open yourself up to the amazing and beautiful world God has created. It can also give us a chance to stop and smell the roses to really appreciate the moment we are in, and to do that more often in one day than most people might do in a lifetime.

This experience has been a fantastic journey so far and I look forward to the rewards and benefits awaiting me as I progress further and further along. Perhaps next time you can join me?

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  • Well done on getting caught up and ready to take it to the next level. Love the enthusssssiasm!

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