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I love kindness week. It is a perfect follow-up to adding gratitude cards. It is not hard finding kindness. The hard part is remembering to pay attention and recognize kindness. Once you focus on kindness, it is easy to see it all around you.

It was a little hard for me this week. I had shoulder surgery last week and couldn’t drive for a week. So, except for a doctor’s appointment, I was at home all week. So, with not very much interaction with many other people, it was tough. I had to be much more attentive. It was more difficult, but I managed to find kindness every day.

It would have been much easier if I had worked at the hospital. One of the best things about concentrating on kindness is that it motivates me to seek opportunities to provide kindness.

Next week we will all move from kindness to something else. I’ve decided that instead of just dropping kindness and moving on, I will focus on kindness one day a week, every week.

I won’t exchange kindness for the week’s attribute; I will focus on both. Even though I know there is kindness to be seen everywhere. I don’t think there is enough in the world.

Maybe a kindness day every week will move the needle toward kindness and away from cruelty. It is at least worth trying.

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  • Being the change you want to see … John, such a great idea to practise kindness and moving the needle toward kindness and away from cruelty.

  • What a great idea, John, I think I will try that as well. Hmm, maybe Kindness Monday every week:)

  • Hope you are healing, John! This has been a great exercise for increasing our awareness and focusing more on kindness in our sphere of influence. I believe we can all exercise kindness each day, all the time, as a way of life, and make the world a much better place…

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