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This week of kindness was so amazing & powerful on so many new levels for me. As I did acts of kindness this week I took advantage of every moment & situation that I could to possibly make someone’s day better & raise the serotonin levels as well.

The week became a true blessing when I started noticing/focusing on how many truly amazing people are our there in our world. Getting away from giving attention to the negative actions done by others, was truly an amazing escape, that I enjoyed to my core. I was able to witness people left in awe & amazement by the kindness given to them by other people & like we have learned this week, when we witness, we also get to enjoy fringe benefits.

I also came to the realization that my words have power. I had the opportunity this week to pray & speak over others & what I spoke out for them, came to fruition. God reminded me in these moments, to speak & pray things out over myself. Me?! I did not realize how little I speak out over myself or my situations. It was a real reality check of the power of the words that lie within me/us.

So during this amazing week of kindness & giving, I also realized that I need to work on giving & being kinder to myself. Every act of kindness no matter how small is beautiful & powerful. Kindness was contagious for me this week & I loved it!

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  • Kindnesses everywhere! So glad you became aware of the importance of being kind to yourself as well. Great blog Jake!

  • That’s awesome Jake, and so great to be kind to yourself – and to recognize that kindness!

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