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I’m really thankful I’m doing this program.

There have a been a few things that came up this week. I’ve been wanting to push things so they happen more quickly, and putting a little too much on my plate, I didn’t realize that’s what I was doing until someone pointed it out.

Then remembered the MKE Week 16 reading. I don’t have to think about people and what they think, or places or things, How I’m going to get what I want and when. All I have to do is keep visualizing what I want and nature’s divine order will see to it.

I think faith is a huge component also because it makes life so much easier and it reaffirms the belief that everything is going to be alright.

I had to let go of a relationship that wasn’t serving me this week. Although I’m pretty sad about it and I’ve eaten what seems like enough sugar to fill a pool, slacked on some of my daily exercises….I feel a freedom, a relief, like a boulder has been lifted off of me. I CAN tell someone to f**k off in a kind way! Yes it can happen!

By wishing him well I cleared my conscience, clearing away the baggage, and I celebrate that shit!!!! Going to have a fabulous week and I hope you do too 🙂

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  • Thank you for sharing this Laura. I find the hardest thing for me to do is to say goodbye with love. Wishing them the best, and then knowing that this is the best for you and your mental health 🙂 Amazing growth

  • Hi Laura, Visualisation is putting the picture out into the universe. That’s our responsibility. Then detach from the outcome.

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