MKE Week 16 – Being Grateful

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I’m so grateful for this course. A few things I’m noticing:

– my level of patience has grown – I don’t need to figure everything out by yesterday
– I’m loving the repetition of pretty well everything – pretty amazing considering 16 weeks ago the thought of repeating anything was painful (my ‘shiny object syndrome’ was getting in the way)
– I find myself slowing down and noticing the smaller things more
– I’m not taking others words to heart (recognizing that they may be experiencing tough times prior to me speaking with them)
– I’m feeling gratitude for everything both big and small
– I’m loving my differences and what makes me unique (thanks Og)
– my stress level is decreasing since I’m letting things GO that do not serve me
– forgiveness – I guess that’s result of greeting each day with love in my heart
And to think its only week 16!!

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  • Loriann, bravo to you for not just taking in the information, but implementing into your life! You are courageous, powerful, and persistent!

  • Great observations Loriann! It seems you have nailed the essence for you in the course so far. And so much more is yet to come. Shine on Loriann!

  • It is so great that you are noticing ALL the small things Loriann. Small things add up to a big change and there is still more to come.

  • Love your post! Acknowledging your heightened awareness of the changes you are feeling and seeing in your life and connecting them with your MKE experience. Keep shining your light, the world needs more of you.

  • What a great perspective! And the more grateful you are – the more things to be grateful appear in your life!

  • That is a great review of all the positives so far in the course! Congratulations!

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