MKE Week 16 – Be Kind to YOURSELF

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I found something very interesting during this Kindness Week.

First, I realized that I do lots of kindness acts for other people. However, two things: First, I realized that I don’t give myself credit for those kind acts, and Second, I seem to leave myself out of that kindness equation!

Whether it’s from the old patterning of “ it’s better to give than to receive” or some other piece of programming that urges us that others matter more than we do, I realized that none of that serves me.

Refusing to acknowledge myself for the kind things I do doesn’t increase my humility or virtue. If indeed we are all part of the Oneness of Universal Mind, well, I’m part of that, too – so if I’m denying acknowledgement from myself, it’s just the same as denying it to others.

Bottom line, while you’re being kind to others, be sure to be kind to yourself and identify it, too!

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  • Great insight MJ! And I think a lot of people can relate to this, so thank you so very much for sharing it. As you say, it is important that we include ourselves in the equation of kindness.

  • Hey M! I think of myself as “paying it forward” when doing an act of kindness. Although it may or may not return to me, it is that thought that counts.

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