MKE Week 16 – A Wonderful Week

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This is turning out to be such a wonderful week.

I’m beginning to see kindness everywhere and noticing that I’m kind to people as well. So many examples. This morning, I was preparing for my regular mastermind meeting and thought “I need to print out a proposal for a new client”, which previously I would have done straight away. This morning, I realised that my office (and printer) is directly above the bedroom of the people in the flat below. It’s 6am and most normal people (that’s non-MKE people) are sound asleep, so I’ll print off the proposal a bit later this morning.

I’ve experienced this pattern before. The moment I bought a new car, the roads are full of them. Logically I know there is the same number of cars as before and it’s just I’m noticing them. Apparently, there is a term for this (Baader-Meinhof phenomenon – thank you Google). I’m realising that it works both ways. A couple of friends of mine are totally convinced that people are aggressive and uncaring.

Guess what? They see that everywhere.

My other major “ah-ha” moment this week is from Og. While reading scroll 4 this morning, so many of the sentences jumped out at me. “Vain attempts to imitate others will I no longer make” as an example, among many other sentences.

Why on earth would I copy other people’s recipes for success?

Prompted by these insights, I’ve cancelled a webinar I had booked on that was teaching “nine steps to building your coaching practice”.

Those are his steps, not mine.

So grateful that I stumbled across the MKE programme.

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  • Wow so brave of you to cancel your webinar after realizing it was someone else’s steps. I’m sure whatever you present from your heart will be much better because it will be unique to you!

  • That’s wonderful Allan. Here’s a quote from a fortune cookie I got a while ago: “Be yourself. No one is more qualified!” I keep it on my desk as a reminder that I am nature’s greatest miracle:)

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