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What a fantastic week that was just experienced. Random acts of kindness, or RAK, was an interesting project for me. I have always been a person who helps wherever I can, without being asked. It is just my nature. This week I was concentrating more on being the observer, to watch for reactions from people around me. I was quite surprised at all the reactions I observed. Most of them were great – smiles, thank you and astonishment. I did notice a few that just looked at me like I was crazy or something. That lead to a most interesting sit one night.

As I said earlier, “It’s just my nature” and got me to ponder that statement. Was it really my nature to be kind and help random people or rather nurture? My parents always taught me to be nice when I was younger, for I had a temper that made life difficult for everyone around me. It took a lot of work to deal with my temper and the issues that caused the temper. Maybe I have been doing RAK to make up for my colourful youth or learned to pay it forward. I really don’t know, but what I do know is I feel better for my RAK making the world just a little better for someone.

I am still working on the nature vs. nurture debate, but as long as there was a RAK done, I believe the world will be slightly better than it was yesterday.

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  • Great observations and reflections Michael! But either way, pure kindness always pay off, no matter why it has emerged. It seems you had wise parents that taught you kindness as a way to handle your temper.

  • Kindness makes everyone feel better. Not sure if you are making up for past years but either way you are doing it now which is great!

  • You can tell you were raised right buddy! Love that your parents taught you to be kind.

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