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It has been an interesting week for sure. I have been carving away at some of the beliefs I have had, thinking without purpose. It has been this last rewrite of my DMP that really made me stop and think about what empowers me and what is holding me back. And this is a good thing. I really never would have done this personally to the degree I am if it were not for my patient and fearless guide Suzanne pushing and guiding me.

It all has to do with my sacrifice. What am I really willing to give up so I can get more, and this is where the fluff was. I found myself with all the surface excuses that I would use to answer the question like giving up TV or some superficial idea that the old me would have accepted and not questioned. But as I really dig deep, look beyond the initial reaction and ask the hard questions, the real uncomfortable questions, I found myself trying to answer that one question that is holding me back.

I may not be alone in this quest, as I belief that is why I am here at the MKE, but it is the journey of the solo that makes it hard. It has been said that when you find yourself in the hardest fight, you find your true self. This is where the sole searching questions guided me to the real question of “what are you afraid of to go out and meet new people?”


I truly know that this feeling is false and overpowering, but thanks to the assignments and self motivation of the DMP and press release, I am challenging myself and getting out making appointments. It has moved my business forward and I am attaching new and more empowered feelings (Law of Substitution) to the activity of networking.

This has been a thrilling discovery and has me rethinking a lot more of my life. When Mark J said sometime in week 5 or 6 you’ll get it, I am there or at least the start of understanding the Master Key System better. I am looking forward with anticipation of the next step on my journey with my fellow MKMMA peeps.

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  • Big factor of recognition Michael. Actually I have a before and after life. That is before and after MKE, where I got over such things as resistance and fear. It changed more than my business, it changed my whole life. Thank you for sharing your experiences and your reflections.

  • Congratulations Michael, challenging yourself is sometimes the hardest things we do. It is great that you are doing the work which is moving your business forward. More discoveries will come for you and it will be amazing to see where you end up!

  • “This has been a thrilling discovery and has me rethinking a lot more of my life.” Great to hear Michael.

  • We’re with you, Michael, wondering what your next step will be. Thanks for staying on top of your blogging! 🙂

  • I had a very similar story re: fear of putting myself out there and meeting people. One sentence in my DMP changed my life. I’ve been much happier and more productive since.

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