MKE Week 6 – From Cocoon to Butterfly

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When I think about From Cocoon to Butterfly:

I feel constrained, struggle, effort, and scared because I have never been a butterfly before. I do not recognize my future self, how could I, how can I, what will I do? So many unknowns & so much uncertainty.

At least that is what I am feeling and experiencing in this now moment. Somehow I must make the leap in my imagination using my thoughts & feelings to create a butterfly I do not know. Going back feels so much more safe and familiar and too late.

There is no going back now, ONLY FORWARD:

A poet once said, I dreamed I was a butterfly & awoke to ask, am I a butterfly dreaming I am a man? OR?

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  • The struggle is very worth it for the butterfly Mark and so it will be for you also. It is this struggle for you that will give you the life of your dreams, the life of your choosing. You can do this. Keep moving forward. The best is yet to come.

  • Thank you for sharing so vulnerably and honest, Mark! Just let go and be the one you are meant to be, your true self. Trust the process and let it work in service to you.

  • Great honest post. I know the feeling. I also know that the world outside the chrysalis is a lot more fun than the war that happens inside as the larvae gets dissolved into nourishing soup for the growing butterfly. Who wants to be soup? Now I want to see your wings <3 😀

  • Trust the person within. Keep going forward, chipping off the cement and see the gold underneath!

  • So you obviously made the leap, NANCY, hearing your well-pointed, exquisite take-away at the very end of the Week 7 Sunday webinar. Apparently, Mark, you caught some of Nancy’s fire, because the uplifting spirit of your blog is a voice I never tire! 🙂

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