MKE Week 6 – Willing To Walk A New Path?

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Last week was quite the eye opener. I’ve never put thoughts to pen before, however I can be quite stubborn. I realized quite strongly how I respond to criticism (even if helpful) – not very well. For 5 weeks I disliked the DMP …. and disliked even more so the weekly critiques that came with them. After week 4 I stopped ‘improving’ it.

Stepping away last week put things into perspective. It’s also made me realize that ‘blind faith’ has not been a welcome term. I like being in control. I like knowing the end goal. I like organization and status quo. I suppose my stubbornness allows me to hide behind a shield and not be vulnerable.

Somehow Sunday’s class turned on a switch and even though there is still a bit of an uncertainty as to where the course is going, I’m excited. Maybe for the first time I’m open to letting go of control, to letting things just ‘be’ and allowing myself to be more vulnerable. For once I’ve started onto a path not well worn.

I am looking forward to changing one of my Needs (I had originally chosen it, and then changed my mind) and working on my DMP. I am also very excited to make my movie.

The only person I was hurting with my stubbornness was me.

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  • Thank you for sharing what you’re going through, Loriann. I’m experiencing some of the same struggles you share… I like to be in control too, I have resisted criticism and I just changed one of my PPNs as well. That’s awesome you’re making progress and finding your way on a new path. I’m excited for you.💖

  • Congratulations on letting go of that stubbornness and starting a new path not well worn. That is huge. I can feel it.

  • Wow, it is so great when you hear that a switch has been turned on. The cement is starting to fall Loriann and you are beginning to realize what you truly want. I am so excited for you.

  • Awesome insights Loriann! I think we all, at least at some point in our lives, can resonate with your experiences and insights. Thank you so much for sharing so honestly.

  • I enjoyed this post very much, Loriann. Love to hear of your break throughs and how you are coming to peace and excitement in your heart. thank you :).

  • Yes, Loriann, you are now on “The Road Less Traveled.” The road created for self-directed thinkers. Thanks for being the first to submit a post for week #6! 🙂

  • Loriann, thank you, “I’m open to letting go of control,” a great step forward.

  • “I’ve started onto a path not well worn.”
    Loriann… I enjoy so much reading everyone’s blog entry. Your “Whole” post resonated with me with such “TRUTH”… I, too, like to know what is happening … “blind faith” was a new concept. But MKE has helped me to make wise decisions for myself. Listening to what is being shared. Thank you for putting into print words I needed to “read/hear”.

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