MKE Week 6 – Walking in Love and Organization

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This week was a lesson for me to walk in love. The new scroll reading came at the right time this week. I was in a confrontational situation. I lost my character for a minute but I had individuals around me that was able to provide me with constructive information that allowed me to see things from a different perspective.

I continued to read the second scroll during my challenge which allowed me to stay grounded. I realized that I controlled my thoughts and actions. The readings allowed me to quickly realize that I am able to change a circumstance with my thoughts.

I was put in a position that allows me to be around various personalities. I was also use to working on tasks alone versus with a group of people. I know that my responsibilities and actions are at a higher level.

I also realized that my organizational and time management skills needed to improve this week. I needed to prioritize tasks more in order to complete the readings and exercises this week.

All in all I am continuing to learn and grow. I know my goals are manifesting. I am seeing the colors and shapes of my goals and my mind is beginning to connect with my DMP and PPN. I felt that the readings and exercises allowed me to become more confident in my thoughts and actions. I know that the thoughts and actions people demonstrate will not stop or hinder my goals. I will continue to pursue my intent to walk in love in order to make my dreams and desires possible.

I Always Keep My Promises. LaDonna Jordon

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  • That’s great, LaDonna. You are learning and growing for sure. Even noticing what is happening can be growth and progress.

  • Thank you for sharing your experience with scroll 2. The greatest secret of success in all ventures is love!

  • Thank you, LaDonna for sharing, “I realized that I controlled my thoughts and actions. “

  • Thank you for sharing this LaDonna. What a gift we have, in moments that challenge us. So grateful that you shared your experience this week reinforces that awareness and persistence in the “small’ things (shapes and colors, readings etc) can keep us moving in the direction we would love. Thank you 🙂 as you keep going xooxo your example inspires

  • Love and growing are one and the same, LaDonna. Thanks for stepping up to the plate, and unleashing your brand new game! 🙂

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