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That a woman can change herself, improve herself, re-create herself, control her environment, and master her own destiny is the conclusion of every mind who is wide-awake to the power of right thought in constructive action. Larsen.

WOW. Ok there are two AHAs here in this post. And there are two confessions. I better start with the first confession: I am catching up. It is week 11 and I am just now realizing that this important word “Persistence” keeps popping up. Geez why didn’t I see that before?

The other confession is that by “catching up” I mean way more than just blogging my weeks 6-11. This is a biggie, but I finally found out what BPB means. Yep, I haven’t been reading that daily because it was buried in the initial pile of papers that I had a friend make copies of the first three weeks off a thumb drive when we were out in our RV in Phoenix and I didn’t have access to a printer. Excuse! What? Quit! What?

One AHA (not going to use the excuse word here) is that in part 6.13, Hannel addresses exactly what I need to hear again. “The spinal cord is the great motor and sensory pathway by which messages are conveyed to and from the brain;…” So part of my resistance to doing the work has been the extreme pain I am in from a smooshed spinal cord. (my words, the surgeon yesterday said it differently but it means the same). While my daily intention is to rely on the natural pain relief which works mostly, many times I have to go to the mind-numbing easy way with the pills they freely give out.

So balancing that, when I read 6.16 I was ecstatic! “This influence of the mind can be exerted upon any part of the body, causing the elimination of any undesirable effect!” With concentration, I plan to be out of pain and away from the drugs!!!!

The other AHA is in 6.20 that it talks about the magnifying glass. These readings are so amazing, when you read them. It is my intention that this will allow me to FOCUS my Power of ATTENTION with stable magnifying glass ability to move forward with ease and grace in the sunlight of healing and stability.

So now I know what the compass AND the magnifying glass are all about….Look out world, whatever I believe, I can achieve! And I always keep my promises (when I know what they are: Clarity is Power)

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As a compassionate connector, giving others a bigger perspective of life experiences feeds my soul. Personal development, positively influencing others with health education and coaching fulfills me. From our home on the Space coast, I love traveling with my husband of 35 years and our senior rescue dogs in our RV, working our way across the USA!

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  • Very insightful blog post Diane! Keep holding your magnifying glass steady to maintain your Clarity. You got this! One step, one mental exercise at a time.
    P.S. Love your Bio…especially your Purpose Statement: you are a Compassionate Connector. =)

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