MKE Week 6 – The Forces that Be!

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The struggle is real. I am feeling the pull from my subconscious that is fighting the new narrative. It is like trying to learn how to ride a bike all over again. I tend to fight learning new things that seem hard but my future self is demanding a different tune. I CAN be what I will to BE! That is a powerful statement. The mechanism that is running our internal power has been made by the almighty creator. I am beautifully made. The mechanism is perfectly engineered. We just have to have FAITH and TAKE ACTION! The cement is slowly cracking and breaking away but the layers are far deeper than can be imagined.

This brings me to another state of mind. The word imagine! How incredibly powerful and creative is our imagination. To think that our thought is completely controllable and is the electricity to our brain. I can choose the droughted lands on the left side of this picture which represents to me the fraction of our mind that most of us use. It is drying up with no fertile ground. Nothing can grow, no seed can implant. In contrast, the plush, green, succulent soil on the right allows for green pastures and those seeds with the smallest fleeting chance grab root and become a sapling in our mind. The possibilities are endless. All of this makes me want to jump out of my restrictions that my mind has created and push away seemingly unnecessary barriers that have only now become apparrent.

I am but an infant in this new courageous mindset. I will clothe myself delicately with the knowledge of what has always been there to begin with. I am standing taller. I am rewriting my story and looking at the world with youthful eyes. Everything seems new again and ready to be explored.

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  • Well done Heather! You have always been there buried in the cement but it is cracking and the light is shining bright!

  • Heather you are such a good writer! I can feel your emotions, your sense of wonder, self love and gentleness. You are doing awesome….keep going!

  • Keep going Heather, you got this. Terrific illustration of imagine and that we can be what we will to be.

  • Most everyone would love to be young again, and, Heather, you are well on your way. Hooray! 🙂

  • Fabulous Heather! You are so right about the fertile soil of the mind when we plant the right seeds and fertilize with positive thoughts. good for you!

  • The picture is a great illustration of your post! Keep going to BE what you WILL to be!

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