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I knew something I wanted to change something and kept looking for it. Not realizing that everything I need I already have. I just forgot all about it because I had gotten consumed by everyone’s thoughts and opinions that I forgot what I truly wanted out of life.

Everything I needed was in front of me the whole entire time. I just wasn’t seeing it until I took a good look into the mirror and started reciting “The Gal in the Glass” and finishing it off by telling myself I LOVE YOU MONIKA GRECZEK!

Just like it says “The person whose verdict counts most in your life Is the gal staring back from the glass.” I finally started listening to myself and ignoring all the whispers that would hunt me from the past. That was some else’s opinion and it is not a part of me. It is my choice and I can be what I want to be. I have the Power within me to be the best version of myself and now I have the tools to create the life I always dreamed of!

I am ENTHUSIATIC!!! I can definitely see a change in myself and the POWER within me coming out! My confidence in myself is flourishing and I am doing things that I thought were not possible. Anything is Possible! It is what I create in my mind and than watch it come to life. I love how a plant blossoms from a seed and completely forgot that when I put a though into to my head and feed it , that it will eventually come to life!!! This is so powerful to have these amazing tools and to see what changes are happening right before my eyes.

I am sleeping better, my habits are getting better and better! I love myself and love that I have the power and tools to life my best life! Thank you MKE for showing me this.

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  • Monika, it was all on you, you are the one doing all this. Congratulations on your great accomplishments.

  • Fantastic blog post Monika! Your enthusiasm and positive energy is contagious and inspiring!

  • I, too (in addition to Nancy) love the fact that things appear to be getting better and better for you! Self-directed thinking is a concept everyone would be better off understanding as you have! 🙂

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