MKE Week 6 – Nothing to see here … move along… move along. (Star Wars: A New Hope)

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The Cambridge Dictionary explains the word opinion as “the ideas that a person or a group of people have about something or someone, which are based mainly on their feelings and beliefs, or a single idea”. Seems a fairly neutral word/idea and explanation but maybe not.

In my case, do I ever have a lot of opinions on a daily basis! Verbally and mentally about everything and everyone… ok maybe not everything and everyone but you get the picture. Someone says something and there we have an opinion. Someone wears something different, boom there we have another opinion. And opinions go on and on and on. It’s amazing the neural connections set down as described in What the Bleep do we know. So, can we “break” those previously laid neural connections? And establish new ones? Yes, we can! And it will take time and effort.

Let me backtrack a bit and share some thoughts (and yes opinions). The paths to get there are different for different people during this process, but we all have the same outcome we are aiming for i.e., no opinion. We are all so diverse so we will have different strategies that resonate and work for us. So, keep trying.

In my case, I tried new things and saw what stuck and what didn’t. One strategy I used was/is Frozen’s song “Let it Go”. I also used/use the saying on Star Wars; “Nothing to see here … move along… move along”. These strategies are a little lighter in my mind and work perfectly if I need a quick nudge. My mental shift is more tongue in cheek. Keeps things light and in my case it helps.

When I need a swifter kick in the butt, I say to myself, “Stop, shift, move on.” Or sometimes I talk sharply with myself and say “Enough! Be Positive!” or internally I yell STOP! So whatever works for you is great. Just keep trying new things, see what works, keep what does and above all, hang in there!

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  • Suzette, I understand, practice makes perfect, continue on what is asked from MKE you will get there one day.

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