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Last week was hard for me. I had jury duty for three days. I did not get to be a juror, but I spent three days at the courthouse while the jurors were selected. I was able to get some of the MKE reading done. I spent most of the time listening to the judge and lawyers question the prospective jurors. It was educational but limited my time to work on my MKE stuff. I did manage to get everything done, however.

Last week was the interview. The interview was a challenge for me. I’m not enthusiastic about writing, so getting started is always challenging. I did get it done.

This week is the movie poster. I like this much better. It is early on Friday, and I have not finished yet. I have not been putting it off; it’s just been a busy week. What I have put off is all of the configurations of the shapes. I know this won’t take long, but it’s not my favorite thing. With the shapes done, the movie poster will get done relatively quickly.

I still have the Emerson reading to do this week. I find this is not easy to read. I cannot read this unless I am completely awake. Less than that, and I might as well not start. When I finished reading it the first time, I thought it might be better to read it three days in a row. I did not follow through on that thought. I wondered if it would be easier to read on consecutive days and might sink in better.

Maybe I’ll try twice next week on consecutive days to see if the second day is better. It probably will not happen, but it’s a possibility.

I’m a little behind; this week, but overall the week is going well. Next week I will try to get what I don’t want to do done first. The result would be less stress the rest of the week. I’ll find out if the peptides win and I put things off, or I win.

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  • great to read your post John and enjoy your MKE week – I’m imagining you reading Emerson thsi coming week and smiling when you’ve finished that ! 🙂

  • Emerson is not an easy read for anyone, John. Kudos for being the first I’ve seen to even mention it! 🙂

  • Good job for doing the work. About next week: make a decision for it to happen, and it is a done deal!

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