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I find it interesting that when I read the MKE material (multiple times,) I still notice something stand out that I didn’t get earlier. It’s almost like it is hidden or ignored by my mind until something triggers or unlocks it.

In the past I’ve read countless books for personal growth and self-help, but it often seemed that my brain quickly nullified and deleted it soon after. Some to the point that I later didn’t even remember I read them. (Proof: Sometimes I even bought them again!) After this program, and getting everything in my subconscious working for me, I wonder: Will that information later be restored for access?

I’ve been feeling some internal turmoil and internal pushback lately. Seems like “subby” isn’t happy with things, and wants to derail me. Life circumstances also now have appeared trying to divert my attention and give me (legitimate) reasons to sidetrack my attention (vehicle troubles, work, and health issues.) Seems like there’s a conspiracy in play to continue to keep me stuck. Fortunately, I’m not buying it. I now recognize it and am mostly keeping my focus, and staying the course. (Sometimes I don’t get the work done for a few hours, but if I miss, I make it up.) I still sometimes put it off until late, but will not go to bed without completing the “work.” That’s made for some late nights.

I have read many times about vision boards, and for several years intended to create one, but never followed through. Similar story with affirmations. I have a bunch have collected or developed over the past several years, but not ever done daily. Now seeing that this is a fairly simple process, but it requires belief and dedicated daily application. I now realize that having an intense daily focus makes a difference.

Really looking forward to getting to the other side! I trust the MKE process will work with time on me as it has with others, and retrain my brain.

Meet Mike Sambuco

Passionate worshipper of God, loving husband to Terri, father to Stephanie, and grandfather to Justice. Music minister, entrepreneur, network marketer, guitarist, motorcyclist, amateur radio DXer, martial artist, photographer, telecom technician; previously career Air Force Master Sergeant (Comm and Intel.) Originally from Ohio, now is one of the “frozen chosen” of Alaska since 1987. A fun-loving encourager, enjoys empowering others!

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  • Great post, I admire your dedication to the daily tasks and believe me when I say when you get to the other side it qwill be there.

  • Great on both, Loren. Most days way more than requirements. Figure I need the extra. Movie poster mostly completed, but still have a couple more pictures to print and add (printer challenges, “fun.”)

  • Just like playing your music. An intense daily focus, belief and time will accomplish what you want. To rock the Universe!

  • That’s a sign, when Subby pushes back that you’re getting down it Mike! Crumbling that cement.
    Good on you.

  • So how you doing on your affirmations and dream board, Mike? Just thought I’d pin you down a bit. LOL And you’re almost a quarter of the way through! Whew! 🙂

  • Thank you Mike for sharing! Great insights and well done seeing thru what subby is up to. Your tenacity stood out for me when I read your blog. “Fortunately, I’m not buying it”. Keep on, you are doing great!

  • ” I still notice something stand out that I didn’t get earlier” Mike thank you.

  • Mike!!! Keep on Rocking buddy 🙂 Its an interesting thing this pursuit we all are committed too. I as well have looked for, found, and forgotten incredible truths that I thought when I first subscribed would not leave my conscious. But they do, lololol, until we bring them back by habit. Something as simple as saying” I surrender ” when I wake up in the morning evades my memory for months, and when it comes back, I’m like what a dummy I am for not remembering. But our attention is bombarded all the time by things and ourselves. It takes real concentration to stay awake and every time it slips we get a little stronger when we bring it back. Keep up the good work Pal!!!!

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