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“All we need is love”…..or as Og asked us to do this 6th week of the journey:
All I do is give love.

To give love this week, was such an amazing experience because of what it did within me. No opinions last week, causing me to listen more, then giving love this week, unnconditionally….wow. Every experience this week received a stamp of love, showing that I had been there, participated & experienced the moment. I saw things differently this week & found myself humbled once again, in the world around me, that is so noisy sometimes.

As each day passed this week I felt myself becoming more relaxed while continuing to break down barriers of opinions by replacing them with bridges & doors of love to those around me. It wasn’t easy….but it was worth every moment of change, as I was changing inside through each encounter & experience.

At first, I found it difficult to give love to anything & everyone. I have always done my best to give my world & those in it attention, respect, time, concern, help, etc….but to give love is so much deeper & more powerful than anything else. I also discovered how much love I don’t give myself. Og writes “And most of all I will love myself.”

So as I have quieted the opinions in my head & loved all that is around me, I have found success in the peace that surrounds me in my journey as I love the person that I am becoming & wanting to be.

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  • I am so happy for you, and for us, as I feel the loving softness in your words. I love how you had such a profound experience and how sensibly you shared it. Thank you

  • Welcome back Jake. You have always been there. You just got lost for a while. We are all on the journey with you!

  • And now yours, Jake, is the fifth blog post in a row filled with so much rapture it’s dazzling in so few words you were able to capture! 🙂

  • Awesome blog post Jake, I love your openness to loving. And being the observer to have seen the difference that makes within you. Great job!

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