MKE Week 6 – I Greet This Day With Love In My Heart?

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Almost A Week Into Scroll Marked II. Before I Go On I Must Say That I Really Enjoyed Reading Scroll Marked I. It Makes Me Feel Powerful And Awesome!! So I Still Read It!!

Ok Moving On, Greeting This Day With Love In My Heart Is Easier To Do Some Days Then Others. Combined With No Opinions , This Has Been A Surprisingly, Very Challenging Week. I Guess I am More Opinionated Than I Thought And Definitely Very, Very Addicted To The Peptides Associated With Breaking Someone Off “A Piece Of My Mind”!! Jeezus, Especially While Driving……..Tornadoes Of Expletives Out Of Nowhere!!!

So I Mentally Shout “Stop” And Metaphorically Bite My Tongue. Now That I Have Silences My Chatter & Internal Bickering……I Am Free To Listen, Free To Observe. And The More I Do This, The Easier It Becomes. Not Reacting, Just Listening And Noticing My Internal Voice And Typically Overlooked Behaviors. Not Dropping An Opinion Here, But It Would Seem That I Am A Somewhat Frustrated Dude, Possibly Neurotic, Anything’s Possible I Guess. Slowly Becoming The Silent Observer I Am Becoming Aware Of Thoughts, Attitudes, Opinions,And Feelings That Do Not Benefit Me In Anyway, Yet I Am Attached To Them. Not Really Sure Why??  Perhaps Years Of Peptide Addiction And Wrong Impressions??

A Big One For Me Is Being Confrontational And Expressing Anger When Justified. For Example . Someone Cuts You Off In Traffic, Be Nice, Don’t Honk Your Horn & Flip Them Off. Let It Ride. Despite It’s Appearance. I Work In A Very Toxic, Negative, Work Environment. Needless To Say I Am Provided Many Opportunities To Practice “Letting It Ride” Everyday!!

For Years My Solution To Utter Disrespect (For Lack Of A Better Term) Was To Greatly Reinforce My Boundaries By Confronting Perpetrating Individuals And Quickly Asserting Myself By Asking Them “ How Are We Gonna Solve This Problem?” We Gonna Take It Outside Or We Gonna Go To HR?? This Was And Is Very Effective At Handling Would Be Idiots.

Lately Though, I’ve Been Reacting To Negativity By Being Nice ( Dalton Said So In “Roadhouse”) and More Or Less Remaining Unaffected, No Opinions. I Still Feel Intense Frustration Sometimes, But I Don’t Have To React To It. This Is New For Me. The More I Practice This The More I Realize That I Often Let Others Put Me In Unproductive, Mental States. I Spend A lot Of Time Thinking & Feeling Anger. I Must Control My Thoughts. Infinite Intelligence Cannot Be Accessed If I Am Stressed Out Or Pissed Off.

Anyway Hope You Guys Are Having A Better Time With It Than I Am And Always Remember That You’re Forkin’ Awesome And I Love You!! Peace!!

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  • Becoming aware of your thoughts and feelings and occasionally changing negative to positive is a huge step in the right direction, Chris! Looking forward to reading your Week 7! 🙂

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