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Have you ever been on a group call, Zoom or meeting in person and had someone call you out for something GREAT? We can be mid thought or even mid-sentence and our brain instantly responds to the sound of our name. Maybe you own a business and when you look at your google reviews, someone raves about their experience? This recognition can elevate our mood for a whole day!

For several years I have been intentional about leaving reviews of businesses that I have great experiences with. I am detailed with my reviews and I try to call out the names of the people who help me. As I post reviews, I imagine how excited they will be to read the review and how that positive energy will help propel them past their doubts or challenges. While we can’t know how much impact we might have on another person, especially a stranger, it warms my heart to know I might have been the reason for one or more people’s smile on a given day.

Imagine my amazement when I discovered that one of my personal pivotal needs is recognition for creative expression! Words of affirmation is also one of my love languages, so when I recognize others, it makes me feel good too. In my heart, I practice giving to others through recognition.

I meet with many business owners, and I make it a point to find a way to give them something. Either I give them an introduction to a referral or another business owner or if it is possible, I share something they are doing with my circle. It warms my heart to support others in business and life. Through this practice, I have been blessed with an amazing circle of friends and colleagues who make my days brighter and more fulfilling!

In scroll II, Mandino says, “I will laud mine enemies and they will become friends; I will encourage my friends and they will become brothers. Always will I dig for reasons to applaud; never will I scratch for excuses to gossip.” Recently, I was given an opportunity to help someone who I would not consider an enemy, but also not a friend. I was reminded of this passage, and I helped her with a loving heart and it made my day!

In my experience, giving more to others always gives me more because it elevates my mood, my energy and my spirit to a much higher level than I started with. Giving more is one of my favorite ways to make a good day, GREAT!

Meet Ann Walls

Mother of five, wife, creative, goofy, passionate person who doesn’t take herself too seriously. Ann loves the color purple and truly loves colors, textures and patterns in general. She comes from a musical and artistic family but chose to follow more analytical careers as a pharmacist and a financial advisor. Ann enjoys people and helping them become the best versions of themselves. As a person with HUGE goals, She enjoys collaborating and masterminding with other positive, passionate people who enjoy creating their lives.

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  • You have a great philosophy. It’s a lot more fun to look for the good in someone rather than anything else.

  • Great blog, Ann! “In my experience, giving more to others always gives me more because it elevates my mood, my energy and my spirit”. Give more, get more in it’s true essence! Thank you for sharing your experience, it is inspiring!

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