MKE Week 6 – Gettin’ There…Gettin’ Out Of Toronto!

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I can feel myself growing.

Even though I haven’t been pouring 100% of myself into this, I definitely am farther along than I would normally give myself credit for.
I have been too hard on myself for too long.
It’s time to acknowledge where I am winning.
And I already feel the movement!

I’m really starting to feel a global expansion happening.
Whereas I had been coming across many low-energy/low-vibration/low-ambition types of people, I’m now starting to meet High-Quality, World-Class people.
Because I’m becoming a High-Quality, World-Class person, myself.
And now I’m looking outside the confines of my home city of Toronto.

Next week, I look forward to sharing some wins, based on the growth I’ve been experiencing so far!

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  • Awesome post Khush. You are a very HIGH QUALITY person. Don’t ever forget that. It is a pleasure getting to know you!

  • Hi Khush, You are a “High-Quality, World-Class person, myself”. It’s good you see yourself in this way. I can see more cement dropping off of you

  • We all are routing for you and I have faith in your progression since I heard you the first time earlier in the year! Keep up your faith and moving forward.

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