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Being digitally graphically challenged, this week threw me straight into the red area of overwhelm! Although we were encouraged to “have fun with this”, believe me – I did NOT have fun!! After way too much time trying to figure out how to position text in the shapes and then, on top of it all, to figure out how to master blocking out some of the shapes…..much gnashing of teeth occurred, believe me! Since we don’t have a color printer, a trip to Staples was in my future, which is no small trip, given that we live in Paradise where there are no streetlights, no sidewalks and no Public Utilities gas service. Not to mention about $30 in printing costs for all those color copies!!

Then….my most excellent coach, Wes, came to the rescue! He encouraged me to mock up a sheet with blank shapes and color them in. More gnashing of teeth rang out throughout the house, as I figured out how to add shapes without color fill and with a black outline. But, finally success!! So then, I was able to go from overwhelm into focus and complete the assignment.

Thank you Wes! You’re the BEST!!

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  • Bravo MJ!! Way to persevere and stay focused. Kudos to being open to your Guide Wes’ recommendation – the power of an authentic mastermind.

  • Thank you, Mary, “I was able to go from overwhelm into focus and complete the assignment.”

  • I can resonate with you in this so much MJ! I remember as if it was yesterday I went thru the MKE program. Those shapes and “having fun” with them. I was too very devoted to the assignment and very much persistent to get it done. I didn’t laugh much then, but now, every time I think about it I smile with so much joy in my heart. But above all, I remember the proud I felt after accomplished the assignment and today I thank my self so much that I was persistent when it didn´t go my way from the beginning. You are doing so great MJ! Thank you for sharing your experience!

  • “Mary, Mary, how does your garden grow?”
    “With cockle shells and shapes so bright, some say you can even see them glow!” 🙂

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