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Last week on of my 2021 PPNs (Liberty) and DMPs was manifested. I had envisioned and wrote down my dream of cruising on the Mediterranean Sea for 7 days this fall. Well it turned out to not be the Mediterranean Sea, but I did cruise the Western Caribbean Sea for 8 day on Italian cruise liner MSC by invitation. I was also able to invite my sister to join me as a guest. This special opportunity was totally unexpected and was presented in a very short timeframe. However, it was within the timeframe of my DMP.

The ship was magnificent and huge. I had a balcony stateroom in the forward of the ship. I was one stateroom away from having a frontal view of the sunrise each morning. The sailing was so relaxing and each port visited was a unique experience. We even spent a day at MSC’s private island beach and Marine Reserve Ocean Cay in the Bahamas.

It’s ironic, I have lived in the Bahamas for over 32 Years and within this year have visited different Islands of The Bahamas on cruises. Yes!! The Master Key Experience does provide the tools that assist us in manifesting our dreams. Mediterranean Sea,2023.

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Entrepreneur, Certified Wholistic Health Coach, and Cruise and Travel Consultant, Jacqueline's background includes management in corporate America, retail administration and Bahamian tourism. She holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Business Administration. She is a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, known as "Champion Grandma", fulfilling her purpose to Empower Generations!

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  • Inspiring and wonderful story of manifesting! Thank you so much for sharing, Jacqueline!

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