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I feel like I got lost on the longest hike ever. Deep in the mountainous forest with no civilization, no “compass”, doubting myself, scared, impatient, thoughts that give me anxiety, and tired. I decided to concentrate on the solution rather than the problem, kept going, seemed like forever…and eventually down below I saw a little town. I was so happy and excited and proud of myself for hanging in there. Not out of the woods yet (haha) but I got to the little town, and let them help me. Nature acts never in haste. That’s how my week 6 has been.

I haven’t been sleeping well. I’m up at 3 am and my days are very groggy. It’s been hard to get things done, but not getting down on myself about it, which is new. I’m more calm. Those die hard convos in my head are still there. Creating weird scenarios that are of no use to me and giving me anxiety. One awesome thing is that I’ve been connecting with people on a deeper level, it’s REALLY cool! It’s currently Sunday at 5am and now I’m gonna start working on finishing my dream board. I’m running behind, I would usually have quit by now, but I think just doing it is what counts for me and that makes me happy.

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  • Wow, what a great way to share your journey, Laura. I am so happy you are doing this for you, in your own way and with respect to yourself. I guess that is the whole idea, no? To be free, sovereign beings who know we can and will continue to evolve into the best versions of ourselves. Happy trails!!

  • Laura, I see such a fighter in you lil lady! You will not quit, because you choose your freedom. Keep at it 🙂 I hope the sleep gets better

  • Hi Laura, So glad you are continuing. You are doing great taking baby steps to where you need to go.

  • You are doing great Laura, and you persistence is ending up rewarding you. Just keep on and trust the process.

  • Laura, I love the way you’ve portrayed your journey. Your persistence is evident. I also like the fact you’re connecting with people at a deeper level. Excellent Week #6 blog post! 🙂

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