MKE Week 6- Battle with Subby

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I can hear the constant battles with subby.

“You’re tired.”
“Do it now!”
“But the baby will wake up again, so why even try?”
“What about living in Hawaii?”

The battle of life is real- If you’re not faithful then why even try? Because I AM NOT A QUITTER!

I learned this week- from Chapter 5 Lessons that “God lives within us” and that the “I” we tell ourselves isn’t really the “I” we think (Don’t mind that I’m a lesson behind). Crazy concept but it all makes sense! I remembered always hearing that “our body is a temple we need to keep sacred”. I never knew what that meant until now. We have everything we need to be successful in this world we called life. The source is within us, even if sometimes I feel like creating an index card that says “Bang here.” and sticking it to my forehead to knock some sense into me. I know I can do this.

It has been hard because, from this course, I have been learning that you need to not have opinions, focus on the positives, give back to others, and mention only the highlights, but If we blog about our week here and talk about how we feel does that make us impostors? One of Haanel’s messages says that we need to be beings that focus on intellect rather than emotions. We are all very emotional. I am passionately emotional with opinions. Detach from the attachment. Ugggh can you sense I’m still battling subby even in my blog? Lol. My subby is strong and annoying.

My featured image is my DMP of being in Hawaii trying to manifest itself in my daily images. It has nothing to do with me fighting subby. lol.

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  • You are not a quitter Hanalei! But no opinions means no opinions about outside matters and no opinions in our thoughts. Every time one runs through just go for a positive. I see the cement cracking!

  • Most battles are pretty negative affairs, Hanalei. How can that be changed to fit in a world of abundance and where “It’s all good” is the saying of the day?! 🙂

  • Hanalei, “The battle of life is real- If you’re not faithful then why even try? Because I AM NOT A QUITTER!” thank you for sharing.

  • So true – you are NOT a quitter! You got this! Hawaii is a great place, maybe I can visit you there:)

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