MKE Week 17 – The Magic of Seventeen

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This last week, number 17, has been so full of magic and miracles that I have a hard time picking out what feels most important to share… meeting my new friend, the lovely singer, Ana, from Georgia in the Caucasian mountains? The amazing meeting I had with my two new partners that I am creating a community center together with? The many hours I spent doing art work today (something I usually do not do) or perhaps the great master minding session I had with Monica Petersson, who has become a lovely friend and excellent master minding partner?

Maybe the joy I had spending all of yesterday outdoors by the fire with Ana, sharing our own songs and teaching each other new songs. Once we got back inside, it got even better. We spontaneously co-created a two-day playshop that we will present in three weeks at our new center. The whole idea is to help people create a new character and then make and decorate a mask, perhaps find props, movements, sounds and costumes to make that character come alive. Finally, the participants will get to do a short performance with their new made up character in costume. This is going to be an interesting and fun way to help people step out of old personalities, if only for a moment, to try out and take on a new and consciously chosen way of being.

I have had a few theater and acting coaches who have given me excellent ideas on how to create characters for the stage, but I have not taken that knowledge consciously to the next level: creating a new self for the real world stage. Moreover, helping others to do that in a group setting will be even more valuable and fun. I would absolutely love seeing somebody, who desires change and has thought of themselves as being poor, too old, too tired, too sick or too this or too that, try on a ‘new and wealthy’ self, or a ‘new and healthy self’, or a ‘new and courageous self’. Or whatever they desire, a ‘new and sexy’ self perhaps? I can already hear the laughter from all of us acting and playing together. Yes, some great pics are coming. LOL!

All of this is, of course, exactly what we are doing here with the marvelous MKE, albeit in a different way. I am so happy to have found yet another and, for me, new, exciting and fun way of doing it.

Oh, yes, I almost forgot, one of the most astounding things that happened was the number 17 itself which came to me in abundance from here and there. 17 has been everywhere this week. It started with a beautiful tattoo on my friends arm, then it showed itself over and over until I finally got it. I went and checked which tarot card number 17 is and guess what? Of course the best of them all: The Star!

Thanks to Mr Haanel I now welcome Her Royal Highness, Queen Intuition regally, like she deserves, and, of course, always did.

PS. Do read Haanel 17:17, for a condensed recipe on how to create instant magic. It works. <3

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  • Self for the real world stage- The Star, Her Royal Highness, Queen Intuition!!! WOW!!! Looking forward to the pics from the playshop.

  • Beautiful, Ann-Charlotte – what a testimony to the magic power of masterminding. You came up with a truly special idea. Can’t wait to hear how it turns out:)

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