MKE Week 17 – Still growing 17 weeks later

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What a week with me being an observer. I still don’t know how much I have missed as I am growing this skill. I do know that I am keeping my opinions to myself and working on trying to not have my opinions effect my actions. It is a work in progress.

What I have noticed is that my spirits are much better, and the results are appearing to show up in positive encounters with people. This is a great feeling to see proof of the Master Key daily. The 1-line billboard has been the pivot point for my beliefs. I has made me really think and reflect on who I am and how it relates to my networking business. I really see the future as I written out in my DMP.

With this belief and vision being clearer, I am now focusing on how to get more emotional about the greatness that is my destiny. As a white personality, being frank and blunt had been part of my DNA, prior to the MKE. I struggle to keep emotions front and centered but in a controlled way. I am also aware that this struggle is a sign of growth, as this was a lesson learned while developing my DMP. I am also lucky to have a support mastermind group that is growing as well. I keep being inspired by the blogs I read and continue my journey to liberty and true health knowing there is light at the end of the learning curve.

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  • It’s wonderful to read about your hero’s journey, Michael! Thank you for sharing!

  • Thank you for sharing Michael! I hear ya in the challenges of the learning curve. As a red, I want to tackle and get it done, but through the MKE experience I am learning to embrace the journey. Great blog!

  • What goes around, comes around in greater measure, Michael, and you’re getting better and better at putting the good stuff out there…and that’s why you’re such a treasure! 🙂

  • It is great to see your growth Michael. You are an amazing work in progress and it is cool that you can see it and reflect on it. Congratulations

  • I’m with you buddy – the one sentence dmp billboard is a game changer for me! mahalo for sharing

  • It’s so exciting when you can reflect on a few short months and see growth! Congratulations!

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