MKE Week 17 – Permission, such a powerful word and talking about a word hitting hard!

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Well, who would have thought that the word permission would be such a powerful word? I was pondering this word after Sunday’s presentation. You go through life thinking I am an adult, I have control over my life, I am good and I am moving forward. Then, BOOM, something stops you short. In my case it was this simple word that Mark mentioned “permission”. Why am I not allowing myself to be happy? Maybe is because of my religion and I have to give penance? Maybe it was the way I was raised and the things I went through growing up? Or maybe it is an excuse that if I don’t give myself permission to move forward and succeed? Do less and if you fail then see you didn’t do 100% so its fine.

Circle back, permission to be happy. That is not a comfortable thing to think about. Am I happy? Do I want to be happy? If I am happy when is the other shoe going to drop. Can this time be different?

MKE=happiness if you allow it. So now taking the time to cut off the things that don’t serve you. Doing this in small steps moving forward. Sometimes, it is having that laugh and enjoying the moment. Following through with the homework by making time and making this one of the important items in the day. So, like the song says “Don’t worry, Be happy” by Bobby McFerrin. Some days will go well, other days maybe not so but who cares. Its it worth it feeling good and happy. Keep at it and keep trying. And sometimes this means giving yourself permission daily, maybe hourly or whatever it takes. Give yourself permission to live a beautiful life and be what you want it to be!

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  • Thanks for re-minding me, Suzette. I choose to take permitting myself to be guppy to a new level today. Ha ha, guppy? Happy!! I love my phone, she cracks me up. Happy, happy!! 💜😂💜

  • I too enjoy this song at the same time when I hear and reinforce the words “don’t worry” it’s a negative word(s) in my mind. Again, like you have mentioned and love is what is it I want to give myself permission to do…?

    Often we get stuck in the little girl/boy mentality and Boy o Boy we see things different through the MKE!

    I am sure you, your close loved ones and others see a tremendous evolution of Ms. Suzette!

    Keep up your greatest, be happy and have fun while moving forward!

  • I love this! We tend to forget ourselves, scheduling this celebration is essential too!

  • Yes, absolutely, right, Suzette! Doing this in small steps moving forward. Sometimes, it is having that laugh and enjoying the moment. It is this practice of “enjoying the moment” giving yourself “permission” to enjoy life each moment!

  • celebrating you giving yourself permission to live a beautiful life and be what you want it to be! 🙂

  • You know that you are going to get there don’t you? [being happy] You’re here. The MKE.

  • Love this! Permission to be happy…pondering, do I want to be?, hmm. We may pass this off as, ‘of course’ but how are we living?
    This is great, thank you, Suzette.

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