MKE Week 17 – Now I’m a Believer!

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I believed I turned a corner this week in my journey with Master Key Experience…..

I have to admit, before when I would read my DMP in the early weeks of MKE, I felt a part of myself shrink back, to the point where I wondered if I needed to revamp it because maybe it lacked authenticity. But I didn’t change it, and I kept doing the exercises…Flashing through my cards, adding daily gratitudes, winking at the gal in the glass, writing down a memorable moment from each day, etc.

I have mentioned before in previous blogs that I am feeling happier, appreciating the real treasures of life and letting go of the “graven Images” and symbols of riches, fashion, custom, and conventionality. In other words, focused on BECOMING over doing and having. I didn’t notice the compounding effect it was having until Wednesday as I was listening to the recording of my DMP…

I was listening to it while doing cardio and staring at a picture of my movie poster, when I noticed the lack of emotion and true belief in my voice at the time I recorded it. I realized in that moment: WOW!, I really am starting to believe, because the voice I am hearing in the recording doesn’t reflect half the enthusiasm, excitement, and happiness I am feeling now! I can’t wait to make a new recording!

This week Mark gave us a challenge to give ourselves PERMISSION.

Permission to be happy.
Permission to be successful.
Permission to love that gal/guy in the glass.
Permission to feel worthy and deserving.
Permission to RECEIVE all the wonderful things this life has to offer.

It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it, because finally I have accepted that challenge.

And I look forward to manifesting more of these lovely effects from the cause of permission.

I am nature’s greatest miracle, and so are YOU!

Meet Stefanie Hoffa

Stefanie is from SE Pennsylvania, a mother of three girls in college, who has a passion for helping women overcome their past and BECOME the women they were meant to be. She has a passion for health and wellness and loves spending time outdoors on the motorcycle with her fiance, Jake. Although a predominant Red who loves progress, Stefanie thinks of herself more as a "Purple" as she is almost as equally a Blue who values deep relationships with a splash of Yellow who loves to have fun, especially dancing!

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