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I watched the documentary on Charles Mully this week and within the first few minutes of it, I asked my young school-aged children to watch it with me. Not only was I blown away by Mully’s good and bad experiences but I wanted my children to hear his story so they could hear from someone how you can change your life at a moment’s notice despite the circumstances or obstacles.

As we listened to Charles Mully share why and how he turned his life around and then hear from all the children he rescued, my own children grew more and more fascinated. They couldn’t believe the things he did… the buildings, the schools, the farming, the tree planting, the bridge building, all of it.

I felt it was important to share Mully’s story with my young children as it’s quite a gift of inspiration when you see someone create a vision and then build it in the physical – it is so powerful and I kept reminding them that they themselves can also do what he did.

Coincidentally, my virtue for the week has been decisiveness… and I saw lots of examples of decisiveness in Mully’s documentary.

Seeing someone give their all to something in a project or purpose gives me hope that if they can stick to their vision to fulfill a DMP, then so can I.

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  • “You can change your life at a moment’s notice.” The cement is cracking and the light is shining!

  • Every time you write in your blog posts that you have shared MKE with your children it makes me so happy (can’t help it) and I think about the legacy you leave to your children.

  • Anytime a parent shares #MKE with their child or children, Sarah, as you did, I can’t help but feel how much the trajectory of their life or lives will positively change, positively! 🙂

  • Beautiful share Sarah. Makes my heart Sing that you invited your kiddos to watch with you. What a gift for all of you to share together.

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