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I’ve mentioned in recent past blogs that I haven’t been able to consistently complete the daily exercises due to poor time management, exhaustion, and work schedule. The past two weeks I’ve been free from the exhaustion because I’ve been free from the ridiculous work schedule, and I have been committed to staying consistent with the exercises. I have also taken the perspective of having joy in my heart while doing them because of the positive impact they have on me versus looking at them as something I HAVE to do.

The most absolute, impactful thing for me is that I’ve had the ability to do the daily sits every day for the past two weeks. This has revealed a HUGE difference in me. I knew not doing them was something that wasn’t going to allow me to create the change, joy, and happiness I was looking for throughout this experience. Over the past two weeks, all of a sudden, my mood gets better every day, and I have been able to release my grasp on the negativity I was holding onto the outside things that are out of my control.

Not only that, but twice in the past week I’ve had this incredible overwhelming, AWESOME feeling come over me. I felt the Holy Spirit touch me and in that feeling, I was assured that a breakthrough is coming and that all the goals and targets I envision to happen in my life are accelerating forward and will come to fruition. God simply spoke to me and showed me a glimpse of progress in motion through channels that are currently unseen by me and all I can say is it was breathtaking.

Then wouldn’t you know it, at Church today, the topic was Vision, and how we need to see it in our minds before it comes into our world. That the vision is what drives the change within us for us to become what we need to be in order to be deserving of the thing we want. You HAVE TO put in the work prior to get the reward. You shall reap what you sow. My recent rewards have come BECAUSE I have been putting in the work. The other aspect of this was that the sign behind my pastor stated, “Make way for a MIRACLE”. Many people can see this and have it mean different things for them. For me, to see this statement, at this particular time in my life, was very serendipitous, and was another assurance that the fruits are coming, all I have to do is stay the course and continue to put in the work.

The excitement level inside of me grows more and more every day and what I find most interesting is that putting in the work allows you to compress the time it takes to obtain the results you are looking for. Most people will say it will happen in God’s time, which I agree with. This, I believe, is why most people don’t accomplish much simply because they are WAITING for God’s time to come. However, time is nonexistent, it’s a measurement that was made by man. We all have free will to do what we want and be who we want to be. What I’ve come to discover is that, God’s time comes when you are ready. We have the ability to reap the rewards much sooner than we thought possible, we just have to put in the work and the treasures will be much more than we ever imagined.

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  • Yes, Dan, your particular observation was serendipitous. Similarly, one of my favorites is “God dwells within you as you. See God in all people!” 🙂

  • What a breakthrough! Isn’t it interesting how most people don’t see themselves as being created in the image of God and how it’s possible for them to initiate what they want? As an observer, I can spot when people use anything or anyone as an excuse, especially myself. LOL Thanks for sharing!

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