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As week 17 commenced today and we got towards the days finality, our mastermind time began and it was then that the week last to pass really showed that it was indeed a powerful and successful week for so so many of us!

The week began with the concept of everyone doing 2 random acts of kindness each day. My immediate thoughts were that this would be very difficult for me, as that’s just a normalcy in my life. Being a normal thing for me meant going outside of the norm in order to feel as if I was also participating!

It came to me during one of my daily sits, (basically silent time spent reflecting on things), and it was at that moment that I had to do something so big that even I would have to really think about the magnitude of it!

So I simply gave a vehicle away, a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo to be exact! The part that I didn’t mention initially to anyone was that those items that I’d given away were given to people that I don’t even like, seriously don’t like them, but knew that they had a need!

Kindness isn’t about helping your friend or family member that you’d help anyway, instead it’s about always doing kind things for others! And it’s certainly not about getting anything in return, because that would defeat the purpose of being kind!

The aforementioned words, specifically the last two sentences, are my personal opinion on kindness!

Let’s go s little further though: a person that isn’t used to living a life of service to others, a life filled with kind acts as a normalcy, that person may find that some of the simpler things in life are what they need in order to find their respective kindness!!!

Opening the car door for someone is a given in my world, but opening a door of a store for random people is outside of that normal act. Thus, to open that door for someone at the store is indeed a kind act. If we were to dive a little more into this, imagine anything that would make someone else’s day or life a little easier and simply do that!

That is how we make our world more kind and loving! And pay attention, pay attention to others and you’ll begin to see kindnesses everywhere!

A part of that was to be able to challenge others to step it up to a level beyond anything that we might consider normal. And that certainly worked and many many many others really stepped it up!

On our webinar today I heard so many others making reference to that Jeep and a freezer that I’d given away as a kindness this week last to pass! But it was so much bigger than that, it was listening to others describe how those acts of kindness have given them the ability to see things in a completely different perspective and even consider how Big they could go! My only hope was at least one other person got it, but it was instead several people that did!

The best part of it was that each person got something different from what I did and thus were able to open up to an entirely different type of existence within themselves! Then their respective acts of kindness created major ripple effects and it kept multiplying over and over and over again! And it’s that in which created a much better world for all of us and all of you!

So even though I’d normally wait till a latter part of the week for my blog, I’m doing it earlier this time!

What I wish comes to be in everyone’s life, in your life, is that kindness and love become of you! In doing so, your life will also have that ripple effect of kindness and love!

Maybe it’s the MKE that did this? Maybe it’s something bigger? The actual answer is that it’s both!

So this week we all will venture about our week with an intent to give random compliments to others! For me, that’s another normalcy, but I’ll be stepping it up as well! Imagine if all of us on a regular daily basis were to make a point to do 2 random kindnesses and 2 random compliments to others that we come about! Imagine how impacting that would and will be on not only your life, but also on and on the universe!!!

Can we challenge you to maybe do one a day? One of each? I’m certain that you’ll be enjoying what that creates for you and for everyone around you!!!

Until we meet again,
Live well,
Be well,
And Do well…

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  • You Rock! And Roll with all that you do with the abundance of love and kindness you have within you and all in which surrounds you as well! Love and peace be your journey as you continue to flow with such goodness!

  • You really touched, impressed, and challenged me, Drew. You set a high bar to benchmark, Drew!

  • Yes, always upping the ante. The alternative is stagnation and that is no fun at all. Thanks for a great post.

  • You mentioned a very powerful insight: it’s easy to by kind to people we know and like, but what about people we don’t? Reminds me of what Jesus taught us: love your enemies. Often people who are acting mean and hurtful are the ones who need kindness the most. Thanks for sharing!

  • I love how you took kindness to the next level and helped people you didn’t even like – bravo!

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