MKE Week 17 – Identify and Edify

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We’re learning to identify our values with the Franklin Makeover, identify them within ourselves, and identify them in others. And, applying the Law of Growth, we are watching how those values grow and grow, right before our very eyes.

And now, in MKE land, we’re bumping it up a notch. Now, not only are we encouraged to identify these values in ourselves and others, we’re encouraged to go the extra mile and edify the people who perform the kindness. By the way, this extends to ourselves, too.

“What a great smile!”
“ How thoughtful of your child to open the door for me!”
“ Thank you, driver in the car behind me, for letting me merge in front of you (even if you say that to yourself)!”

And, just like a snowball that starts with just a little ball of ice, with exposure, it gets bigger…and bigger…and bigger! Suddenly, we’re living in a world filled with peace and love.

So, MKE Warriors, let’s go forth to Identify and Edify!

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  • So true and thank you, Mary. What we focus on grows. Kindness is so contagious and can make such a difference in what we see.

  • MJ, you got this! I love this “identify and edify”! And , as you say, the snowball is rolling!

  • Great post, Mary! Isn’t it interesting that the smallest things can have the biggest ripple effects?

  • Yes, exactly like that. Love and gratitude grow and make everything grow and expand. Thanks for a great and inspiring post, Mary!

  • I like how you’ve expressed gratitude even when someone can’t hear you. I’ve done that too and the out loud recognition is important for the law of growth!

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