MKE Week 17 – Feeling powerful

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Who knew this gal could start loving repetition??!!

The first week of the Franklin makeover, I completely forgot to look for my most important virtue. How ironic it was Persistence.

Having the Kindness week with keeping the log page open on my desktop, it forced me to look at it multiple times/day – to read other’s comments and look for / think of the kindness I saw that day.

(As an aside, it made me realize how many ‘things’ happen in a day where I take them for face value as opposed to noticing if it was an act of kindness, courage, decisiveness, etc. By breaking it down, it is giving the occurrence more meaning to me.)

After one week of looking for kindness, it is like a new habit has formed and I’m noticing my next virtue, Courage everywhere. And, it’s becoming Fun!

If I were to look back at my first few blog posts, the course was like a new puzzle. Pieces were haphazardly strewn over the place and I was looking for the box to see the finished product. I was told to have faith and things will come together.

Well, things are coming together. And for once, I don’t need to see the finished product, because there may never be one since I’m continually evolving and growing.

As things come together, I’m starting to feel so much more confident in my own skin …. I’m feeling powerful and I love it!

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  • This is awesome Loriann! Feeling powerful and confident in your own skin is such a great thing that a lot of people do not get to enjoy, bravo for you.

  • So lovely to see you evolving and moving forward. Thank you so much for reminding everyone that anything can change any moment for the better.

  • I love that you are feeling powerful and that you love it. The pieces of the puzzle are all falling into place. I know what you mean and feel your energy through the words. Very inspiring. Thank you!

  • Loriann, your blog post put a big smile on my face, because you made me remember when I was a member and the process I went thru. Also that you express your joy doing the journey and enjoying the journey itself. For me this was a powerful blog post, thank you Loriann!

  • Great analogy with the puzzle pieces! I felt the same way in the beginning, looking for the “right” answers and wanting to know the “why”. Now I am loving the journey and have the faith that it all comes together. Love your blog, well done!

  • I love how you realize you may never see a finished product because you are always evolving and growing – it’s so true!

  • Congrats Loriann! Engaging in the mental exercises and observing your own growth AND having fun all at the same time. I love your puzzle analogy- I can recall feeling that same way when I was a 1st time member engaging in the MKE. Cheering you on!

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