MKE Week 17 – Everything is a Miracle?

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I’m not willing to argue with Einstein. I’m pretty sure he lived his life believing everything is a miracle instead of there being no miracles. Most people are too busy and distracted and have never even thought that everything is a miracle presented to them. So, there is not just a lack of awareness but also a lack of knowledge. I know I suffer from a lack of awareness. Like most people, I get too caught up in just living. The struggles of work, expenses, family, and everything else in our lives keep us from relaxing and looking at the miracles around us.

If you are reading this blog, it is a miracle that you started as a defenseless baby and have lived long enough to read this is a miracle. All the technology it takes for me to write this and the ability to read this anywhere in the world is a miracle.

Looking for miracles and kindness everywhere should be practiced every day of the year. My reasoning is this. Recognizing both all day and every day makes it easier to feel gratitude. Combining all three makes it easier to believe you can do miraculous things. If you believe you can accomplish the miraculous, you will. That is my mission. I want to accomplish what is miraculous to me.

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  • Wow, that is powerful – gratitude, miracles, and kindness! Thanks for sharing your perspective, John!

  • Yes, we are walking miracles, John! Looking forward to the revelation and unpacking of your miracles…!!!

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