MKE Week 17 – Celebrate the Little Victories!

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Celebrate the Little Victories!

I have a hard time ignoring the little things I used to overlook. For Instance, shoes that need to be put away, a jacket that needs to get hung up, wiping the counter before I leave the kitchen.

All things I could ignore if I was in a hurry. Seems like a few short weeks ago I could have easily overlooked any of these things when in a rush. Now I find myself just doing the job at the moment. DO IT NOW!!! …. Plays over and over in my mind.

Today while I was outside taking care of my weekly koi pond responsibilities flushing the filter, I noticed that this shut-off switch that turns the pump on and off was getting moldy and water was seeping into the plastic.

In the past, I would have easily ignored it; until it turned into an emergency. No, I did not have this on today’s schedule but did have some flexibility. I have many other things to do; however, “DO IT NOW” kept coming to mind.

So I took care of it! Cut the old plastic and tape, dried the switch, and sealed it back up. Yes, it took about 30 minutes, but IT’S DONE! That feels great! I am celebrating “DO IT NOW”! I didn’t overcomplicate things or dwell on it for a couple of weeks, I just took care of it.

Can you imagine if there was a short in the switch? It would have turned into an emergency. The pump would be off, no water flow for my koi, they can only last for a few hours without the pump.

And if the temperature went down a few degrees the pond could freeze over; the koi would lose their oxygen for sure. Feels so good to take care of things at the moment!

Change is difficult for me. I am not 100% sure what the resistance is. (I do ask myself that question from time to time). Regardless, I am still rejoicing, it’s week #17 and I feel and see evidence of my shifting and the things I’m learning in MKE taking root IN MY LIFE NOW!

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  • DO IT NOW has changed my life incredibly, too, Terri. Thanks for this example. Thinking about things undone over and over and over wastes so much precious time, I now see, as you do…

  • Do it now is one of the phrases my mind repeats continually too! I’m happy you’re getting the little things done! 💜

  • This tiny habit do it now do it now changes the game and I love your comment and agree totally mahalo!

  • I am hearing and seeing this more and more – members like yourself Terri that are making conscious decisions to alter behavior!!! IT IS A MIRACLE and I’m so proud and happy for you! Great work

  • I am not only proud of you for your awareness, Terri, but extremely happy for you. You have really opened yourself up for amazing possibilities and I can’t wait to see what other wonderful things manifest for you!

  • I am Loving this Share JUST as much the second time. I had a very similar attitude where ugggg, this needs done…later….later…later…never
    It has always just seemed to pile on the chaos, stress and things to do list. the Do It NOW…like you is constantly running through my mind. My favourite is when I say oh I need to do that, step a step or two away…AHHHHH step back and do it now!! hahaha even making the no, I’ll still do it later, walk away…what are you doing silly???? you know better…and back at it 🙂

  • celebrating you doing it now, getting those things done & feeling great about it 🙂

  • Thank you for reminding us to get the small things that are needed done and to celebrate these wins! So important to celebrate!

    And for also sharing your resistance as well. Great job moving forward!

  • Sweet, I can really feel your excitement and your joy of DOING IT NOW. I have noticed a similar shift in me. I was thinking as I read about the resistance. You write “Change is difficult for me”, have you thought about turning the opposite of that into a new affirmation? Perhaps something like, “Change is easy (and fun) for me” or “I love change”? Good luck and thanks for sharing. Your words inspire me.

  • Hey Terri – Thanks for your post. Congratulations on ” getting er done “!!!!!!!! The peace that comes from giving attention and your best effort on what’s in front of you is GREAT !!!! Your fishies thank you and so do I for your effort and your post”)

  • Bravo Terri!! Thru repetition and focus you have developed the “Do It Now!” habit. You are engaging in the Master Key experience and applying the knowledge you are learning. Just like you said, time to celebrate!! Celebrate and recognize all the victories; our Subby does not recognize size. Cheering you on!!

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