Week Seventeen: What you concentrate on matters

We are continuing to learn how to raise our awareness to the achievement of possibilities we didn't previously know existed.

Join us for an adventure in discovering your future self, clarify what you want your life to be - and plan the action to achieve it.

Reflections on Week Seventeen

The Mind consists of vibrations of mental forces. When used in harmony with Natural Law, it creates your desired external qualities.
Inherently, Spiritual Truth and concentration is the controlling factor; it is this which enables you to grow exponentially.
Developing concentration, through perception, wisdom, intuition, and sagacity, one becomes identified with the object of your thought so that you are

conscious of nothing else.
Therefore, when in contemplative silence, faculties of the mind are awakened, resulting in an intuition that affords us solutions to our problems beyond our normal conscious reality, creating a favourable environment existing in
tangible spiritual reality. 

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Mary Andersen

We’re learning to identify our values with the Franklin Makeover, identify them within ourselves, and identify them in others. And, applying the Law of Growth, we are watching how those values grow and grow, right before our very eyes. And now,

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Sometimes we die to our old self to find a new freedom. And it has been very scary at time during these 17 weeks with lots of anxiety & fear & resistance to what I could not say? I have never

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As week 17 commenced today and we got towards the days finality, our mastermind time began and it was then that the week last to pass really showed that it was indeed a powerful and successful week for so so many

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Brittany Benson

My husband and I got new faucets for our kitchen and bathrooms. We worked on the kitchen first, which was quite a challenge. The area under our sink, like most people’s, is very crowded with a disposal and different pipes and

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Loriann Toplak

Who knew this gal could start loving repetition??!! The first week of the Franklin makeover, I completely forgot to look for my most important virtue. How ironic it was Persistence. Having the Kindness week with keeping the log page open on

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Terri Brewer

Celebrate the Little Victories! I have a hard time ignoring the little things I used to overlook. For Instance, shoes that need to be put away, a jacket that needs to get hung up, wiping the counter before I leave the

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LaDonna Jordan

This week I am going with the flow of things. I had some unexpected events that occurred this week. I remained calm and watched how I handled my emotions. I was conscious of how I reacted to situations which came to

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Heather Pasqualini

I have alway heard about the rush of heli-skiing. For those who are unfamiliar with the term it is where you get dropped off at the top of a mountain by helicopter and you ski all the way down. It takes

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Stefanie Hoffa

I believed I turned a corner this week in my journey with Master Key Experience….. I have to admit, before when I would read my DMP in the early weeks of MKE, I felt a part of myself shrink back, to

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We are reminded, this week, of the power of focus and the Law of Growth. When we concentrate on what we want we create the thought which in turn creates the vibration that brings this thought into action. What I found

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Leonard Diana

My virtue for this week is Courage. The definition of courage is: The state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger, fear, or vicissitudes with self-possession, confidence, and resolution; bravery. Heart; mind; thought; feeling; inclination; desire.

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Ann-Charlotte Stewart

This last week, number 17, has been so full of magic and miracles that I have a hard time picking out what feels most important to share… meeting my new friend, the lovely singer, Ana, from Georgia in the Caucasian mountains?

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Suzette Willems

Well, who would have thought that the word permission would be such a powerful word? I was pondering this word after Sunday’s presentation. You go through life thinking I am an adult, I have control over my life, I am good

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Mike Sambuco

Last week’s Franklin makeover on Kindness was pretty impressive. Lots of interaction, ideas and examples given in the mastermind group, and some were really raising the bar of generosity. Like Drew Timm, giving away a vehicle and freezer, and outrageously big

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Michael Selves

What a week with me being an observer. I still don’t know how much I have missed as I am growing this skill. I do know that I am keeping my opinions to myself and working on trying to not have

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I’ve mentioned in recent past blogs that I haven’t been able to consistently complete the daily exercises due to poor time management, exhaustion, and work schedule. The past two weeks I’ve been free from the exhaustion because I’ve been free from

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Chapter 17 I am that I am For several years, I’ve turned to a YouTube of Wayne Dyer’s in order to relax my mind. Before the meditative music begins, Dr. Dyer describes how we connect with “God, the universe and the

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Success is not what you acquire, it’s who you become. This phrase has been taking up space in my mind all week. It started with last week’s homework in the Master Key Experience in week 16-37. ” Important harmony and happiness

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This week my focus goes to “Self Control.” Now I have to ask myself, just what does that mean? If it’s keeping control of my emotions, then I don’t want to get angry or upset at anything. If something is not

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I’m not willing to argue with Einstein. I’m pretty sure he lived his life believing everything is a miracle instead of there being no miracles. Most people are too busy and distracted and have never even thought that everything is a

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Jacqueline Maynard-Campbell

Week 17 has been a week of reflections and focuses on my business efforts. What are my goals for 2023 and how do I expect to accomplish them. I have been spending quite a bit of time meditating and praying. The

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LaDonna Jordan

This week I reminded myself what I’m thankful for daily. I focused more on peace and self-love. I reminded myself throughout the week to pay more attention of how I am treating myself as well as others. I realized that I

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Lynn Laporte

The journey within is the silent voice, the subtle tug, the burning desire to not give up and to keep showing up. Show up for yourself first, you are your biggest fan, biggest cheerleader and biggest love. I have come to

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Aschel Gregory

When I was young, my mother had to scrimp and save to buy organic produce. I was poor, anemic and although I did not feel like I lacked in anything, apparently I did. When my friends would come over my mother

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